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The Business of Baby Making: The Royal Heir and the friends he roams with

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The Royal Heir, Blue Ivy, North West…these little tots had their names in lights before they could even utter a word. The world is obsessed with the details of star studded births and the lives that these babies will eventually lead. Onlookers have been camped out at the hospital and at Buckingham Palace for days wearing ridiculous outfits, making baby gifts, and trying to get on camera as they waited for the Duchess to give birth. Across the pond, people are still waiting to get a glimpse of Baby North. “Daddy North” himself, got into a scuffle with the paparazzi the other day leaving LAX as they hounded him outside. With all of the commotion, we have to ask ourselves “when does the madness end?”
Now I must admit, I too flocked to the tube upon hearing the news of the arrival of the new Royal Heir. However, there are limits to how much attention we should give to the fierce grips of the media. Most parents, whether famous or not, want to enjoy the birth of their child in privacy. If it is their first child, the experience can sometimes even be a little overwhelming. I can’t imagine any new mother wanting to deal with strangers stalking them for a photo or a chance to hold their baby. To play devil’s advocate, the new Royal Heir is a little more important than say Blue Ivy or North West, simply because of their potential position in the scope of world affairs. This little bundle of joy could be a deciding factor in international relations one day. Lest we forget about Charles and William, who are ahead of the little tot for the title of the ruler of England, can we just let the little one learn how to burp first? Once he starts walking we can then latch on to another aspect of his life that appeals to our voyeuristic tendencies.