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Top Notch Tuesday: Katrina Campins

I am a self professed Reality TV junkie! My obsession with Reality TV began as a way to "veg out" and clear my head, but over the years I have found inspiration in my self professed guilty pleasure. Years ago while watching 'The Apprentice', a young entrepreneur made a lasting impression on me. Miami native Katrina Campins had a spark that seemed to jump out through the television screen. For some reason I felt as though her presence on The Apprentice was just the beginning. Turns out I was exactly right....

Katrina Campins is an ultra savy businesswoman who has invented her amazing career on her own terms. Although known in the business arena as a real estate expert, Campins has also branched out and created a brand that gets her recognized for her amazing sense of style, and her unique twist on real estate and business development. Campins realized early on that she had a knack for expanding beyond simply "selling a house". She lends her expertise to budding entrepreneurs and potential investors with guests appearances on outlets such as Fox, MSNBC, CNBC, and now with her show on The Style Network. Her amazing success record has proven that loving all things fab and fancy doesn't have to diminish your credibility.  More than "just a pretty face", she definitely holds her own amongst the Big Boys in the boardroom while also gracing the covers of magazines. She flipped her first property at the age of 17, and received her first six figure commission while still in school at the University of Miami. With a head start on the competition, Campins continued to go out and forge relationships that would allow her business to flourish and grow immensely. Her celebrity clientele boasts about her top notch expertise and her flawless attention to detail.

Haute Living magazine features an article on Campins' footprint on Miami real estate

In a world where everyone is using and abusing the power of Reality TV, it is extremely refreshing to see someone who has used it to catapult their brand to even larger heights of greatness!
To find out more about Katrina Campins, visit her site

Know anyone who has increased their level of professional success through reality tv? Who is your reality tv inspiration?