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How to get mentioned on The Huffington Post

These days most media outlets find themselves inundated with requests for coverage of the latest products or new projects. But unless you have a Momager named 'Kris', you had better get comfortable and take a seat while all of the other top stories get first dibs on coverage from the top media outlets.
Fortunately for budding artists and small businesses your marketing and PR campaign doesn't always have to be an intricate scheme with lots of bells and whistles. Sometimes simplicity works just as well as a million dollar PR budget.  This week, rapper J. Cole not only announced that he was moving up the release date for his next album, but he also decided to offer $1 tickets to his multi-city US tour. In a time when people are spending $200-300 on concert tickets,  Cole has struck the marketing jackpot by offering this once in a lifetime experience.  New to the rap scene, Cole is expected to release his sophomore album 'Born Sinner' on June 18th. Cole took to his Twitter account to announce that he would be moving up his album release date in order to compete with controversial rapper Kanye West. After this rare announcement,  he also announced that he would be giving away $1 tickets to his concerts. Naturally tickets sold like a hot plate of food during a famine,  and people all over the web-some whom have never even heard of Cole-have peaked an interest in the NC rapper.  Top media outlets such as Huffington Post and Billboard magazine have run feature stories about the marketing genius of his brand. 
The moral of the story...go out on a limb! Sometimes you have to do something crazy in order to gain profitable exposure. You have to show that your fan or customer base is more important than the short term financial gain. People will appreciate your generosity and your tenacity, which will allow you to solidify your existing clientele and gain new followers who are curious about your product. As with any form of social interaction, whether it be in person or via the web, you still have to be mindful of your audience. What works for a 20-something rap star does not necessarily bode well for a 40-something CEO of a Marketing Management company. However, both parties should be able to loosen the reigns and take risks every so often. Offering steep discounts or free gifts is always a great way to win over your fan base. If the profit margin does not cause you to have to give up your dream and close shop, then why not take the risk? After all, all you have to lose is the opportunity to gain a new pool of clients that will help you to fulfill your dreams and get you a feature story on the landing page of the Huffington Post. 
What are your thoughts on offering discounts to your clientele? What has your business done in the past to compete with the competition?