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Cyber Monday Scenarios: Marketing Madness

For the past couple of years, the holidays have been less about slow paced quiet time with the family, and more about the mad rush to save money spending money. While the Christmas holidays are a time of gift giving, American people have taken it to a new level and have begun to use it as a time stockpile the things that their hearts desire. This year we saw a surge in marketing, with stores starting their otherwise traditional sales much earlier in the year. Stores were open as early as Thanksgiving Day for people to begin their Christmas shopping. Many stores across the country remained opened the entire Thanksgiving Day with periodic Doorbuster sales every couple of hours. Most retailers who wanted to take advantage of the deal seeker mentality remained opened and got a jump on sales that have generally been reserved for Black Friday. Advertising and Marketing are key to retailers who want to get in on a piece of the action. Most people who take advantage of Cyber Monday deals generally do their

homework long before they begin their quest for buying goods online. Retailers and shopping websites began their email marketing campaigns weeks ago, with shoppers bookmarking sales and mapping out strategies. It's a God-send for people who do not partake in the zoo of Black Friday shopping deals. Cyber Monday offers an alternative to late comers and savvy tech geeks. Online contests and group discount deals have made the online shopping day even more attractive, and experts now expect for Cyber Monday deals to increase 20% more than last year. With smart phones and tablets with Apps that offer one-click shopping, it has become easier and easier for people to shop without taking time away from their daily activities. What is your take on holiday shopping? Do you think offering Cyber Monday deals has hekped or hurt retailers?