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When Fear holds you back

I recently submitted an article to a local magazine talking about Fear, and what drives us to be fearful. Many of us have set aside our dreams and desires because we are fearful of the unknown. Stepping outside of your comfort zone to try something new is a very scary mindset to adopt. But what we all need to remember is that at some point in time every new idea was started by someone who had no idea what to expect. If we let fear hold us back, we run the risk of minimizing our potential success.

I recently ran across an article on a web site started by Courtney Powell, a young entrepreneur who has enjoyed success in sort of a Robin Hood-esque fashion. Powell vowed to create a business where she could guide individuals who had unfavorable experiences with 'big business' in corporate America. On her blog, Powell laid out the 8 sources of fear that stuck out in her mind when contemplating the beginning of her own startup. Powell reminds us that no budding entrepreneur is alone in their sense of fear, and that every new opportunity worth having is worth taking an unknown risk. Take the time to closely examine the exact sources of your fear. Write down each of your main concerns, and address the worst case scenario with each. More often than not, we find out that our fears are overexaggerrated and that we do not have much to fear at all. If you never take a chance, you will never know what's out there for you. Take a look at Powell's article on the 8 Fears that almost stopped her from beginning her startup.