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Google+ Business Pages

It’s finally here. After launching Google+ and watching its less than stellar mark across cyberspace, Google has now officially added its Google+ Business Pages. Google+ originally discouraged businesses from their desire to start pages because they insisted that Google + was for people to network, not businesses. With many people creating online images that encompass both their personal and professional brands, Google saw the need to cater to this segment of the online population and developed the Business Pages section of its product line. Because the service is free, and combined with Google Places this may soon prove to be the marketing tool from heaven for many Brick and Mortar businesses. Traditional businesses such as Mom & Pop coffee shops or retail boutiques can combine the two online tools to bring in more foot traffic and stay on top of what customers are looking for.

Setting up a page for your business is extremely easy. As with most free online services, Google walks you through each stage of setting up your account. As with any great networking tool, the more businesses you add to your circle, the more effective it will be. However, it is also important to pay attention to what you share. Unlike services like Facebook and LinkedIn, anyone is privy to the contents of your page. So if you are skeptical about sharing too much information regarding your business tread lightly and ease into it very slowly.

Customizing your page is also important. Google+ allows you to categorize your business for maximum exposure. You can also add your website, links to your Twitter account, pictures, videos, and even links to other profiles or businesses. Check out Billingslea Media Group on Google+ and add us to your social circle. Happy Networking!