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New Vocus Social Media App

Social media has changed the way many businesses operate. People are adding social media to their existing marketing campaigns, or even constructing brand new campaigns that integrate social media tools to reach a wider audience. Vocus is an On-Demand software company that helps public relations professionals leverage their scope of influence by publishing their news and press releases online. Their software system allows you to fully monitor your social media strategy online and track your results all in one place. This week Vocus announced the launch of their new Social Media App. It is considered the first Social Media App in the world, and promises to allow you to customize your social media needs in a snap by using their interactive tools.

The App walks you through the steps to create your customized plan. In six simple steps, you drag and drop your goals and answer a few questions to create a social media workbook with a strategic plan to engaging with your target audience, as well as tips, resources, and statistical data about your target market. The App aims to make tracking your resources even easier. The best thing about the app? It’s free! It costs nothing to create your new game plan for success. You can even save the workbook and complete it on your own time.

Are you in need of a new social media plan for success? Have you tried the new Vocus App? Tell us what you think of the App.