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The benefits of starting a company blog

The past decade has brought about monumental changes for the marketing world. Traditional marketing methods such as cold calling and flyer campaigns have gone to the wayside, and more modern methods such as blogging and podcasting have now become more popular. While many business owners are still very leery about using social media, you cannot deny the benefits of an effective social media campaign. Here are a few reasons why starting a blog for your business may be the best thing you’ve done all year.

  • Perfect your pitch

Sending the right message to your customers is a key ingredient in business success. You want to reach the most customers as possible, but you also want to make sure that you are sending the right message. Having a company blog is a great way to get your message out to your target audience. With a blog, you can fine tune your message and expand on the key points of your company’s goods and services. It also allows you to shed light on your expertise in certain areas. Customers aren’t aware of your expertise unless you tell them. What better way to do it than to blog about it? Take a few minutes and let your customers know about your background and skills. They may find out that there are other goods and services they have yet to discover from your company.

  • Keep your customers informed of new developments

As your company grows, you want to make sure that your customer base stays with you. If people aren’t up to date on what you’re doing, they may begin to feel disconnected from you and your company. Taking the time to update your blog or do a podcast can make them feel as though they are a part of the company’s growth. It makes them feel important, and gives them more incentive to continue to patronize you. Use your blog to introduce new products or let people know about events in the area such as tradeshows, conventions, or community markets.

  • Keep your company human

No one wants to do business with a robot. People want to know that you genuinely care about them and their needs. Anyone can send a mailer from an automated database, but it takes time and effort to do a blog or a podcast. Show your clients that you are serious about putting forth the effort it takes to get their business. Customers will also get a better feel of your company vision and standards. You’re more likely to get more business when you put a face with the name and appear more personable.

Blogging gives you a voice to reach more customers in one fell swoop. It opens up dialogue between you and your client base, and allows you to stay on top of what your clients need. It also gives your customers a chance to provide valuable feedback that may help you fine tune your company’s objectives.