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Google +1: The new debut

My brother has said for years that he believes Google may indeed one day run the world. Perhaps the internet giant has his phone tapped for ideas, because everything he's predicted for Google to do, they have eventually done. The newest venture in the Google franchise is the emergence of Google +1; a new social media tool. According to the Google website, Google +1 is sort of a shorthand version of saying "Hey, I like this". When you click on the Google +1 icon, it serves as a way that you can publicly recommend something to everyone on the web. In essence, it is almost like combining StumbleUpon, Facebook's 'Like' button, Twitter, and a Bookmark all into one. Its an easy way for people to find information on the web by getting recommendations from people they are connected to.

Already, after only 2 weeks, the Google +1 button is beating out Twitter Share and Twitter Instant Follow. Google also has plans to retire its other popular platforms Blogger and Picasa and rename them Google Blogs and Google Photos as part of a larger effort to unify its brand for the public launch of Google+. They expect the transition to come sometime within the next month or so. With all of these new innovations in product development, it makes a person wonder what else is up Google's sleeve...(insert evil Austin Powers laugh here)