Brand Building Basics

Brand Building Basics


Are you struggling with putting together a comprehensive strategy for your brand? I would love to help you redefine your brand and help you get set up for the next fiscal year. The Brand Building Basics is the perfect opportunity for you to get started.

You’ll get:

  • One Introductory Branding Consultation

  • Written Consultation Notes

  • Brand Identity Templates

  • Written Mission Statement

  • Customizable Content Calendar Template

  • One Hour Strategy Session

This hands on program is designed to help put the power back in your hands. Throughout our sessions, we will work together to build a strategy that is easy to understand, simple to adjust, and a piece of cake to implement.

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Building a brand takes time and lots of work. Creating a hands on system where I show you the basics of brand building gives you the tools you need to have long lasting success....not temporary gains.

How It Will Work:

  • Week One

We will start out with your introductory branding consultation where we will go over the foundation of your business, your vision, and your goals. This is the framework to build upon for implementing your marketing and branding activities.

  • Week Two

After the initial consultation, you will receive your written consultation call notes. This is where we will build upon your vision and your desired outcomes to create your mission statement and pinpoint a few immediate goals.

  • Week Three

During week three we will focus on creating a set of brand management templates for you to use. These templates will be industry specific, and will allow you to see the big picture for marketing campaigns for your products and services. We will go over content management systems, and which ideas to implement first.

  • Week Four

The last step is implementation. During this phase, we work on how to gather the information from your mission statement and translate that into content. During our one hour strategy session, we’ll use customizable content calendars, along with your brand management templates to get your brand the visibility it deserves.

We know how busy life can get when you are trying to build a business. As entrepreneurs, we all face time constraints that can prevent us from having access to knowledge that helps push us along in our business journey. I want to ensure that time is not a deterrent for you to miss out on growing in your business. Aside from the introductory consultation call and the one hour strategy session, the training sessions will be broadcasted online. Live stream training sessions will be held on Monday evenings at 8pm. The sessions will be recorded, so if you don’t make it to the live version, you still have lifetime access to the trainings. Once the trainings are complete, you can schedule your one on one strategy session where we pull everything together.

My mission as a business owner is to do my part to help people have access to the education and tools they need. Many business owners suffer because they are building on a shoestring budget. Education and training can be extremely costly, and provide a huge deterrent from getting the help you need. We are going to reduce that gap this month. As an early holiday gift, I am offering this program for only $97! That’s four weeks of training and a one on one strategic planning session for only $97. It’s an investment in your dream that could potentially change the way you live your life. With $97 you can buy back the time you’ll spend sifting through resources online and trying to figure out what things to do first. A four week program with this much information would normally cost over $3,000. To get you ready for the holiday season, I’m giving it to you for only $97. Seats will be limited for this program, so you want to grab your seat ASAP.

So what’s holding you back from taking the next step towards freedom in your business? If you’re serious about building a better brand, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to save thousands of dollars on education and training.

Classes start on November 13th! Register today to reserve your spot before seats fill up.