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Branding Services


Branding Services

Our company specializes in creating comprehensive communication strategies for your business. We develop tailored campaigns that are geared towards helping your company compete in the digital age. We stay abreast of the latest developments in online media and advertising, and work with you to increase awareness for your brand. 90% of our business comes from word of mouth and client referrals. We value the power of Grass Roots marketing, and work hard to keep our clients satisfied.

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marketing + public relations


Let us take your company to new heights with increased publicity. With the right avenues, your business can grow tremendously and still stay in touch with its target market.  Our marketing campaigns are tailored to your needs, and integrate a number of different marketing techniques. We also assist your business with event management and press release submission.

Our Public Relations campaigns are always crafted with care. We believe in protecting the integrity of our clients and their businesses at all times. Contact us today to find out more about our past clients and what our company can do for you.





Effective Copywriting is essential to getting your message out to your client base. Your Copywriter should always be aware of your company goals and values, and create copy that is a reflection of your brand. Our Copywriting campaigns are created to help your business grow and flourish in this sometimes noisy marketplace.

At Billingslea Media, we want to help handcraft your company’s message and help bring your biggest ideas to life. It is imperative that you protect your image and stay true to your brand at all times. With our personalized touch, Billingslea Media ensures that you are fully connected to your target market at all times.

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event logistics


Your company's branding efforts don't stop at your copywriting materials. In this day and age, effective branding is also carried out through hosting major events. When planning your event, it's important to include all of the elements that make your company unique. Billingslea Media works closely with event planners and designers to ensure that every detail is covered, and reflective of your company's image.

Our clients trust that our relationships with area experts, and our desire to ensure consistent branding will result in fun, interactive, and informative events that make your company stand out!