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Creative Content and Story Telling

It’s no secret that the competition to be seen on social media has become intense. More than ever, brands have to find new ways to stay engaged and get noticed online. Aside from posting regularly and creating compelling written copy, brands are creating stories and alter egos that leave their followers staring at their phones waiting to see what their next move will be. They are even jumping in on trending celebrity news on social media. This week, Twitter erupted when Kim Kardashian tweeted to fast food chain Jack in the Box. The internet immediately exploded with food chains tweeting to Kardashian with tons of funny comments.

Known for their comical Tweets, Wendy’s immediately jumped in with a comment for Kardashian

Known for their comical Tweets, Wendy’s immediately jumped in with a comment for Kardashian

Not to be outdone, Burger King jumped in with it’s own comments about Kim and her experience with Jack and the Box

Not to be outdone, Burger King jumped in with it’s own comments about Kim and her experience with Jack and the Box

Some of you may remember last year when Wendy’s created a ‘mixtape’ entitled ‘We Beefin’ with “diss tracks” against McDonald’s like ‘Rest In Grease’ and ‘4 for $4’. The viral post made headlines, and got people talking about the fast food chain again. While it’s unclear as to whether the mixtape increased their bottom line or not, it was definitely a great PR push for the company, and a way of solidifying how they want to be viewed as a brand…fun, engaging, and relevant.

What does your brand say about you? Has your company embarked on a social media campaign with a funny theme or story line?

Tell us your thoughts on story telling through social media.

Instagram Users Question Future of Leadership
Instagram users at concert.jpg

Nothing in the business world happens abruptly. It just seems abrupt to the general public. This week Instagram Executives resigned, leaving Instagram’s leadership up in the air. But according to inside sources, the shift didn’t happen overnight. Since purchasing Instagram in 2012 Zuckerberg and his team at Facebook initiated a host of changes on the social media platform; including embedded connections to user’s Facebook pages, notifications from Facebook, and the addition of Facebook’s executives assuming key roles at Instagram’s headquarters.

Users of the media sharing platform have also complained about changes in the algorithm, unwanted notifications, and saying that they have felt “forced” into using Facebook and sharing on their platform. So what’s next for the social media platforms? Users worry that Instagram will automatically adopt unwanted changes brought upon by the team at Facebook. Check out more of the Instagram debate as reported by

5 Quick Ways to Create New Content

Coming up with great content can sometimes be a chore. During months when you are swamped with your work-life balance, or perhaps in need of a vacation, making sure you are continuing to deliver content is something that most of us struggle with. When there’s a monkey wrench thrown into your existing plans, you can most certainly roll with it and continue to crank out content for your followers. Here are a couple of quick tips to keep the content stream flowing.

1-      Throwback Posts Unless you’re someone like Gary Vaynerchuk, it is probably likely that most people haven’t read ALL of your content. Even if they are a loyal reader, chances are that they’ve probably missed a post or two. Posting a “throwback post” is a great way to re-purpose content while ensuring that your readers get what they missed. Go back into the archives and look at some of your best performing posts, and repost them for your current reader stream. You can even go so far as to rewrite those posts, or do an intro as to why you chose to share that particular post. Add in some new graphics (or not…your choice), and you are good to go.

2-      Quotes Instagram is easily one of the biggest platforms in which you can find quotes.  Some people have even created accounts that are based solely on posting quotes. Take a cue from these wildly successful accounts and post your own quotes. There are tons of apps and programs that allow you to create your own background and use text overlays to achieve this same effect. For added value, it’s an even better idea to use your own quotes from blog posts, magazine articles, or interviews. Take a couple of lines from one of your blog posts and type in your URL on the bottom of the graphic. If that doesn’t work, maybe share a quote from one of your favorite books. Just make sure to give the author proper credit, and even tag them if they’re on social media.

3-      Video vs Written Content Your audience will vary on each platform. You may find that your blog followers don’t necessarily convert into Periscope followers, and vice versa. To ensure that all of your followers across all of your platforms have access to all of your amazing content, convert the content across all platforms. If you’re a person who writes out notes for your Periscope broadcasts, you are already halfway there. Add a little bit more text, and even some great points from comments during your broadcast, and you’ve got another great blog post. The same can be said for converting blog posts. Take the main points of your post and discuss them with your Periscope followers for a quick information packed broadcast.

4-      ‘Best Of’ Posts Blog posts, even when written a year ago, can always be repurposed. Perhaps you have a blog post that did exceptionally well and created tons of traffic to your site last year. You’d want a creative way to re-share that post right? Why not take your posts and compile them in a ‘Best Of’ post? It’s a great way to offer comprehensive information in a specific niche from within your blog. Take a look at your most popular meta tags, and share the top five performing posts with that particular keyword. It will not only serve as a great way to recycle existing content, but also offer convenience to readers who are looking for a complete set of posts on a specific topic.

5-      Guest Bloggers Need a break from cranking out those awesome ideas? Well, you can always hand off the baton to someone else. Having a guest blogger is a great way to show a diverse side to your blog or website. It also allows you to expand your audience with the readers that particular guest blogger may bring. Take a look at some of the experts in your niche that you communicate with and look into collaborating. Just be sure that your collaboration is with someone relevant to your audience.

Creating great content on a regular basis is not always easy, but it doesn’t have to be very difficult either. Step outside the box in terms of content creation, and you’ll soon find that new and amazing content is usually right under your nose.

Do you have a hard time creating and sharing new content? What are some creative ways you share new content?

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When Networking Goes Right: Part II

81542-armsI recently wrote a post about the benefits of effective networking. Since I published the post, I’ve had tons of people emailing, calling, and texting me about the article and how it reminded them to beef up their networking skills and reach out to those in their circle with whom they have similar interests. I also attended a awesome webinar with a great friend of mine who just launched a series of Bootcamp webinars for career advancement. It seemed only fitting that I publish a follow up post with more information.

Networking can be a delicate process. It can either go really well or really bad. Just because your network is small, does not mean that it’s necessary to go out and connect with the first person you see at the next After Hours Social. One bad reference can do a world of damage, and take months, or even years to repair. If you are contemplating doing business with someone or giving a reference for someone you just met, be sure to do your homework first. Pay extra attention to who you share information with. There are people who often seem like great connections, but can turn out to be your worst nightmare. It’s important to find out what their background, goals, and other associations are. Perhaps you have mutual friends in common that can give you a better idea of who they are. These details are important when deciding what the nature of your relationship will be in the future.

Having similar interests is not always a necessary component to establishing great networking connections. Many of my connections have emerged from relationships in which I had no idea would be mutually beneficial. I’ve maintained contact with friends from childhood and from college that ended up being great references for myself or for others in my circle. One of my very first friends in college has now become a reliable client of mine. We started college with completely different career paths, and never had any intention of working together, but today we enjoy an amazing business relationship that has also led to connections amongst others in our immediate circle. Maintaining a relationship with positive people can often lead to the sharing of ideas that may uncover hidden talents and encourage one another to embark upon new adventures.

laptop-increase-strategy meeting

Just like they say love comes when you least expect it; networking also blossoms when you least expect it. For years I never placed that much importance on my LinkedIn profile. I always had the mindset that unless I was actively looking employment, that it wasn’t that important to display my background and talents to others. I could not have been more wrong. Thankfully I took notes from others around me who were constantly updating their profiles and finding new connections, and decided to improve my profile. I made sure to list all of my projects and affiliations, and occasionally looked for new contacts. A chance meeting on LinkedIn eventually led to meeting someone who would eventually nominate me for a seat on a Board that is becoming instrumental in changing the educational structure in my community. Our backgrounds are completely unrelated, but something told me to reach out and connect with him. I had no idea when I reached out that a new profile photo and updates on my community service activities would lead to a working relationship that would inspire me to become a leader in the educational community.

Once you’ve established new connections, it’s important to continue to put time and energy into those relationships. It makes no sense to have amazing contacts if you never communicate with them, and they aren’t aware of what you’re doing. It’s important to take the time out to connect with people every once in a while. Many of us find ourselves in situations where we feel we are “too busy” to get out and have lunch or coffee with everyone we know. But a quick email, or a text message to say hello can always be beneficial. You may find that a friend with whom you lost contact needs a few words of encouragement. Or you may discover that they are engaging in projects that may be beneficial to someone else you may know. You may even find that they have noticed some of your recent work, and have been wanting to reach out to you. A quick message can open up the floor for conversations that may work to benefit multiple people, so take the time reach out to people in your circle.

Lastly, be social! You can’t establish relationships if you don’t get out and meet people. Some of my best friends in the world have been people that I’ve met through one particular friend who is extremely social. These relationships have led to business connections, child play dates, and even marriages. You never know what will unfold when you place yourself in a social setting. If you’re bold enough, you can even attend events alone. I have often gone to Mixers and Socials alone and ended up meeting people that have become a huge part of my life. It’s also great for watching how others interact with each other. You can take cues from others around you on what positive or negative things to do in a social setting. If you are apprehensive about attending events alone, make a deal with someone you know and convince them to attend with you. I can’t count how many events I’ve attended that have nothing to do with my background or industry. But these events led to opportunities that others could benefit from. They also inspired me to set new goals and tap into hidden potential.

Networking opportunities are everywhere. We just have to pay attention. Oftentimes we overlook opportunities that are right under our noses. No one can growth and flourish living in a bubble. We have to take advantage of our stock in “human capital” and make our connections work for us!