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The Shea story: Branding Mistakes from the pros
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In the digital world, brand ambassadors can either make or break you, Having every day consumers share the benefits of your products and services can be one of the most low cost ways of advertising. But what happens when you do something to disappoint that customer base? How in the world do you rebuild a brand that is trusted by the people who will put money behind your brand and endorse you at all times? Shea Moisture is just one brand that is feeling a huge negative effect from a campaign that angered their core base. Now we are looking at what they could have done differently to avoid the backlash. 

Shea Moisture is known is for creating products primarily for African American women. The company prides itself on using all nature products and endorsing a mission to give reverence to its African ancestors It's latest ad did not seem to reflect that mission. The company, who has recently been acquired by a larger company, is expanding its customer base. They have created new products that can be used by women of all different hair types. The newest ad expressed the perils of women who have experiences "hair hate". Shea Moisture presented an ad that showed them as the solution to these women's problems. The only problem was that they left out one important hair type in the ad: that of the African American woman. 


The internet was immediately in an uproar as Shea Moisture began trending on social media. The response from women in the African American community was so swift that Shea Moisture immediately issued an apology. 

"Wow - we really f-ed this one up! Please know that our intent was not, & would never be, to disrespect our community" 


But for some, the apology made it worse. It seemed empty and meaningless, and was only met with more criticism. While most people can understand a company wanting to expand, and ultimately increase its profits, loyal customers want to continue to feel an attachment to the brand they grown to love for long. Dove, another beauty centered company seems to be able to hit the mark every single time with its rebranding initiatives. When Dove decided a couple of years back that they wanted more influence in the African American market, they went straight to the source for assistance in how to deliver a campaign that this new audience could identify with. They asked for input from women in the African American community and used the results to expand its market. Dove got it right. and continues to get it right repeatedly. There is a craft to changing things up within your brand. Here are a couple of suggestions on how Shea Moisture could have done things differently: 

Expanding the Product Line

A great company is expected to grow over time. It's perfectly natural to see companies expand their offerings as they grow. But it's important to be cautious about doing so. You have to access the details of your expected results. Are your results to sell more products, or to create more loyal customers? If your company is focused on creating loyal customers, then its important to think about the long term effects at all times. Your customers should serve as silent partners or board members to whom you look to for guidance on how to operate effectively. The last thing you want to do is exclude them from your expansion. 

Alternative Ads

A world where one company offers products that are inclusive of a variety of different groups is an amazing setup. However, when trying to stress inclusiveness its important to remember to include all groups involved. Once again, we can refer to some of the campaigns previously launched by Dove where they focused on showing a variety of women with different skin and hair types, and even different shapes. It helped to build a sense of community. Instead of adding on to the customer base and merging two markets together, Shea Moisture divided them. As women continue to fight for equality in the US, one of the last things they need is more division.

No Apologies

Sometimes there are things that are better left unsaid. Shea Moisture's long, heartfelt apology was almost like a slap in the face to those who were already outraged. The apology seemed like a simple "No. We still want you to buy from us", instead of a "No. We really do understand you. We promise". Once you've mad someone feel as though they matter less to you, words just don't cut it. People want action, and they want it right away. They want a crisis communication team in place that can work on slowly developing that trust again. The trust was not built overnight, and it most certainly will not be regained over night, 


What do you think Shea Moisture could have done differently? Would you continue to support a brand that made you feel excluded? Let us know in the comments. 

Spring Cleaning for your Small Business


The birds are chirping and the weather is getting warmer. Whether you are a solopreneur or a seasoned entreprneur, the changing environment signifies the perfect time to do a little Spring Cleaning.

Any business that expects to thrive fruitfully needs to make sure that they are periodically "cleaning house". Depending on what your business is, your idea of cleaning house may vary significantly. But one thing is for certain, as the marketplace changes, so should your business.

One of the most common obstacles that most small businesses face is the lack of available funds. Operating on a shoetring budget can definitely be a hindrance to your potential growth. However, just because you are considered a "small" business doesnt mean that you have to think small. Start thinking outside of the box in terms of your financial growth. Take a long, hard look at your past practices and determine what works and what doesn't. Are there any areas where you could potentially cut costs? Are there any areas where you need more capital? Perhaps your obstacle is finding better sources for financial capital; or that you simply need a better marketing plan to convince people to invest in your business.

Having a proper support system can also be a huge factor that determines the outcme of your professional efforts. The debate between being a solopreneur or an entrepreneur is one that depends largely on your scope of business. Brick and mortar businesses will obviously need more physical support than businesses that are more consultant based or operated in a virtual environment.

Deciding whether or not your business needs full time staffing, as well as details of their employment is a decision not to be taken lightly. Determine the absolute need for staffing, and what your employee costs should be. High turnover rates could possibly mean that you are not paying enough, or not making your employees feel valuable. Keep the lines of communication open and make sure that everyone on staff is growing along with your business.

Your product is also a major element of the spring cleaning process. Even if you are not in the business of selling retail products, your brand or your image shoud be treated as a product, and deserves to be reevaluated. In a service oriented environment,  you ARE your product. Clients need to feel reassured that when they choose you to perform services,  they are receiving the best their money can buy. Think about your image and how you come across to others. Are you consistently professional? Are you approachable? Do you represent your clients to the best of your ability? Think about your website and your marketing materials. Are your services and social media accounts up to date? Take the time to fine tune your website, contracts, or marketing materials. You may find that perhaps your message isn't clear, or that your information is not easily accessible.

For retail business owners, figure out whether your inventory levels are up to par with your goals and customer needs. Having minimal product on the shelves can be thought of as a good thing because it shows that you are selling. However, it can be a negative if people truly love your product and cannot get their hands on it. On the other hand, too much product could mean that your prices are too high, your packaging is outdated, or your product needs tweaking. Ask existing customers for their input on your products and services. Their feedback could unleash an idea to improve your product more than you realized was possible.

Whatever your business needs, a thorough analysis of your business goals, successes, and current standing is essential to surviving the changing market. So get out your cleaning supplies and dust the cobwebs off of your small business!

Have you started the spring cleaning process yet? What changes have you decided to implement?