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Will You Accept This Rose?....And Will It Make You Happy?
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Everyone won’t always love you, and that’s okay.  

Sometimes you won’t get the final rose, and that’s okay. Not everyone is meant to be your customer. When I first started my business, I was so afraid to be completely open with my branding. Ironic, considering the fact that I was preaching that very thing to my clients. Trying to be everybody's "friend" was not helping me build a sustainable business. I had to throw away that please the whole internet mentality and just be myself - flaws and all. Did I lose a few people along the way? Absolutely. But the ones who were a good fit stayed, and we grew together. I also found other awesome people to work with who challenged me, helped me grow, and understood my vision. In order to get the right clients who fit well into my business, I had to get the right mindset for my brand.


The problem that many of us face is that things in the business world can change so fast, that we get lost in the shuffle. The information overload saga is absolutely ridiculous. In this day and age EVERYONE is an expert (*insert MASSIVE eye roll here*), so the amount of information, both positive and negative is insane. As an entrepreneur, you have to know what information to digest and what information to leave right where you found it. You have to be able to find your own brand voice that fits in with YOUR Vision. Just because a fellow business owner offers the same products or services as your business offers doesn’t mean that you have to build your brand the same way. The “Final Rose” won’t always look like you expect. And that’s okay too.


If I knew what I know now, I would have had way less headaches along this journey. But I didn’t know. There was no way I could know everything so early on in my business. I want to share with you all what I’ve learned along the way, and the resources you can use to make SMART business decisions.


Join me for the Your Vision, Your Way Webinar. It’s a FREE webinar built for busy entrepreneurs who are serious about building amazing brands. Register today and save your spot for this awesome clarity training.


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Your 2017 Playbook Simplified

The beginning of a new year is an exciting time for us as we take on new goals and new activities. But for some, it can also be overwhelming. In the midst of our excitement, we can sometimes take on too much at one time. It's one of the major reasons why people begin gym memberships in January and fall off the radar by March. Pacing yourself with your business or career goals is essential to your success. Without a proper action plan, we get overwhelmed, frustrated, and give up.


  • Evaluate


Before you begin to make a zillion new changes in your life and business, take a minute to evaluate things first. If your goal is to make more money in your business, you have to first figure out where you are lacking. Don't go blindly into the entrepreneurial sector looking to scrape up every dollar you see just for the sake of filling your pockets. Be strategic about your money. Before you go out and try and reinvent the wheel, see if maybe the wheel just needs a little oil. You may just need to make small tweaks to your plan of attack instead of changing everything completely.



  • Information overload


Most entrepreneurs today are guilty of this. There is so much free information out there today that it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed with the way we educate ourselves on business. The key is to find a source that best suits you and the way you learn. Just because a business expert is popular with others in your circle doesn't mean that you will benefit from their lessons in the same way. Pick two or three sources of information and study them intensely before you go purchasing additional lessons or attending their workshops and conferences. Study and evaluate them, and compare which source gave you the best tools. Once you've found that perfect fit, then you can begin to invest in additional education that can help you with your specific goals.


  • Clear out personal distraction


This is the tricky part! If anyone ever tells you to wait until the timing is right to begin a new career or business, stop the conversation right there! There is NEVER a good time to start a business. And if you think your timing is perfect, you are probably in for a rude awakening. Now, no one is saying to be irrational or unrealistic. If your house is in foreclosure and you have mouths to feed, then by all means, take your time with making major decisions. But there will never be a perfect time where everything in your life lines up perfectly in order for you to begin. But you have to start anyway. There is no way to stop the realities of real life, but you can definitely filter out your distractions. When personal problems arise, don't ignore them; figure out the best way to tackle them. Sometimes this means putting off new developments, and other times this means addressing the issue at a later date. You also have to be very cautious about allowing others to interrupt the schedule of plans that you've set out for yourself. You are the only one who can determine your comfort level. Don't allow someone else to do that for you.


  • Work Twice as Hard


Simple and plain. Commit yourself to pushing harder this year than you did last year. Achieving success is a huge mental battle. It takes emotional fortitude to continue to push through to your goals, and then eventually tackle new ones. Maybe your version of working hard is not the same as the next person. That's okay. As long as it consists of YOU working harder than before, then you've succeeded. Sometimes our goals have to be broken down into smaller pieces than others just to give us that extra push. But make no mistake, no new goals equal new effort. Every single time.



What are your secret weapons for tackling the new year? What tips do you have for staying on track?

The Emperor's New Groove: Getting Your Business On Track

Building your Brand is not always easy. Many entrepreneurs have periods of time when they feel overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel. But getting back on track doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. With a little time and effort, you’ll get your business back on track in no time.

Developing a strong business can be a series of ups, downs, twists and turns, with little to no direction. If you build your business the right way, you will ultimately be very confused at some point. You will start out with a clear vision and purpose, and eventually expand your horizons so much that soon you’ll be exploding with new ideas.

It sounds like a great problem to have. New ideas equal new money right? Well, it’s not that simple. New ideas come with a host of unforeseen details that you may not have thought of initially. And for creative minds, it can sometimes be hard to get those ideas in order. Here are a couple of ways to get back on track when you feel like you’ve hit the wall:


1-      Take a Break

Sounds counterproductive when you’re trying to produce. But sometimes our brains just need a break. Your brain is like everything else in life; it needs to be cared for and revamped every now and then. Doing too much without the proper mental refreshment can be like driving a car with no oil-It will run, but it won’t run well. We’ve got to flush out the dirt and replace it with smooth, clean oil. Instead of trying to push through and taking long periods of time to finish the simplest of tasks, give yourself a break, reset, and start fresh. You may find that you actually get more done by taking more breaks.


2-      Go Back to The Basics

Sometimes we need a reminder of why we started in the first place. As things start to move along,  it’s easy to lose sight of your goals. Adding new services or products will come with a hefty price (pun intended) that may cause you to lose focus. The addition of new staff, new equipment, etc can pull you away from your original focus. In times like these, taking a look at that old business plan may be just the reminder you need as to what your journey is all about. It will remind you of your beginning goals, and where to shift your focus.


3- Study The Game

Ever look at those stories about people who made a huge splash in business after falling flat on their faces? You know, similar to the main character in The Pursuit of Happyness? Well, there's more to those stories than what's on the surface. Sure, we know and love the main characters and root for their triumph, but there's more to be learned from these stories. The common denominator in all of those stories is that they never gave up. They may have tried and failed at several things before they reached their goal, but their true passion remained in their hearts. The difference between doing something good and doing something great is PASSION.


We all get stuck in a rut from time to time, but that doesn't mean you fall down and stay there! Take the time to examine the changes, distractions, or unanswered questions in front of you. Once you acknowledge those issues, tackling them effectively will come much easier.


Are you stuck in a rut? What are some of the pitfalls you've experienced as an entrepreneur?







Business is Part War & Part Sport
Business is part war & part sport. www.billingslea


I came across this business quote that really resonated with me. And as we all know, if something has the power to stick out in your head for hours amongst all the other clutter inside your brain, it MUST be worth exploring. As much as I attempted to move past the "insignificant little quote" that I ran across on the internet, my brain would not let it go. I immediately began to dissect each word.

Owning and operating your own business is not for the faint of heart. There are peaks and valleys, and moments of confusion. I've learned that in business you have to be adaptable. The main thing that I wish I had known before I started my business was that you need to be willing to "expect the unexpected". For someone who is not comfortable with change, this has been a little difficult for me. I had to actually retrain my brain to think like a business owner instead of a woman with a plan. Plans are for wussies who obviously haven't run a successful business before!

The "sport" part of business is comprised of the part of you that enjoys the game is the joy of sweating while running around with your "friends" in the game. Its why you started in the first place-because you liked it! is also a goal setting tool for you, as you engage in the challenge of improving your record. Every great athlete likes to boost about their records; and a serious business mogul will too. If I had a dollar for every time I heard Donald Trump brag about his business acumen I would be able to quit my own entrepreneurial journey and live off of 'Sir Bragness of York'.

Regardless of your industry, it will always be highly competitive. There is NO business owner who can rightfully say that they have NO competition. The competition is what makes it business instead of a hobby. In order to succeed, its important for you to stay at your "fighting weight" at all times. And that means reading, researching, reflecting, and learning from others. You can learn a lot from your own competitors. They show you what to do, and what not to do to be successful in business. Team X may be your competitor, but if they have a different end goal than Team Y, attention to their best practices is still a good way to learn the tricks of the trade. Because Team Y has a different end goal, Team X is the perfect example of what NOT to do. Where Team Y may make a mistake however, is underestimating Team X because of the differences in company culture, approach, or existing clientele. One of the first rules in sports is that you never underestimate the playing field. From the outside looking in, you may think that your journey to beat out your competitor will be a piece of cake. That's because you haven't witnessed their training routines. You haven't been aware of what makes them tick, and why they are passionate about what they do. Oftentimes in the sport of business, the better your competitors are, the better you will become.

The "war" part is the blood, sweat, and tears that comes along with learning and perfecting your craft...It is also the part of the game where you fight for your space in the atmosphere. You are constantly pushing trying to knock that door down that will allow you to emerge as the expert in your field, or the business that delivers the best products and services in that industry. And sometimes, (hopefully not too often) the war part also means defending your space once you've stepped into that realm. In a sea of small business owners, it is not unlikely that there is usually someone who is waiting in the wings to take your spot. And sometimes they are willing to resort to less than ethical means of doing so.

Sources say that 85% of new businesses fail. Furthermore, many successful business owners will tell you that they've started 3-4 businesses before they became successful. To say that your business may fail is actually more realistic than you may think. But we all know that it's not necessarily the battle that is important, but the war itself. The outcome of the entire experience is the fuel and focus that will allow you to learn from the wounds of business and emerge victoriously. Many people start out with a product or service thatthey are passionate about, but have little to no idea on how to make that product or service pop. This is especially true for creative types who are focused on the product itself, but not necessarily the cost-benefit analysis or the methods needed to use to market their product. It's trial and error, and sometimes we get burned during the process. Having a team of reliable soldiers to be there to pick you up when you are falling short in the mission is an excellent way to bounce back quickly in moments of failure.

No business success story is without its blemishes. A great business story has drama, fear, and maybe even some ugly scars. But it's the journey of it all that allows us to see the big picture much more clearly. It is without a doubt a journey that is reserved for a select few. And if done correctly, those select few enjoy etching their name into the battlefield of success.

What is your business war story? How do you remain at your "fighting weight"?