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4 Tips for Women's Business Success
women discussing business

There are over 11M Women Owned businesses in the US. They make up 40% of new business owners and generate over $1.7 Trillion in revenue. So how can we make sure that these businesses are profitable and sustainable?

  • Collaborate

Collaboration (even with those you may feel are competitors) can open the door to more clients, more sales, and an increased presence in the business sector. Seek out entrepreneurs who match your focus and want to grow the same way.

  • Educate Yourself

Although women are building businesses at astronomical rates, we are often overlooked or denied when it comes to funding. Depending on your industry, startup funds and money for payroll may be an essential necessity for your business success. Find out what investors and banks look for when allocating funding, and find out what skills you may need to brush up on to increase your chances of success. Organizations like your local SBA will often offer FREE education on a variety of business topics.

  • Re-evaluate your business structure

Do you REALLY need that many staff members? Does that new software system serve your best interests? Comb through all of the elements of your business to see what elements are truly necessary and what elements are optional. You may find areas where you can cut back on expenses, or even raise your prices on certain products and services.

  • Don't give up!

No one ever said business would be easy. Be resilient in your quest to become a success. The pros will outweigh the cons once you've achieved your goals.

On October 24th The Women's Business Center of Charlotte is hosting its 2nd Annual Heart of a Women Conference. This conference will cover all of the areas of your business AND your personal life that will help you propel towards success. The breakout sessions are full of amazing educational gems and success stories from women just like you.

Session topics include:

  • Doing Business With The Government

  • Conquering Marketing & Branding

  • Nonprofit Management

  • Healthy Living Tips

  • Staffing Tips

  • Strategic Planning

This year's keynote speaker is Ms. Jacqie McWilliams, Commissioner of the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA), Ms. McWilliams will share her success secrets that landed her a position as the first female African-American Commissioner of the CIAA.


Early Bird Registration ends soon, so purchase your tickets today!


Navigating the Coaching Climate: Spotlight on Wendy Y. Bailey

wendy y bailey headshot Wendy Y. Bailey is a woman of many layers. She is not just a Business Coach; she actually coaches professional business coaches on how to take their programs and products to the next level. She is also a passionate mentor, friend, and lover of the Chicago Stepper Dance Craze. Affectionately known to her clients and friends as WendyY, she exudes an air of friendliness that is backed with a strong work ethic.

Her Group Coaching Institute shows aspiring coaches how group coaching can make a difference in their business. Because of her passion for what she does, and her strong belief in the success of her program, she always rewards her clients and visitors with gifts and free info just for visiting her site. She wants to ensure that everyone, regardless of their level of commitment has access to materials and resources that can help take them to the next level of achievement.

She stresses 3 main areas of Group Coaching:

1-Courageous Conversation 2- Masterful Content 3-Marketing Momentum

WendyY speaking

This November she is hosting a powerful Group Coaching conference in Atlanta Georgia. The Coach More Clients Live conference is specifically designed for coaches, trainers, and business consultants who are dedicated to expanding their business, and offering more empowered services and products for their clients. For this 3 day conference, Bailey has enlisted the help of experienced speakers and hosts that will offer masterful advice to attendees. Unlike other programs, the conference promises to be highly interactive, very hands-on, and full of celebratory events! In the spirit of building momentum for the conference, and giving the public a chance to see exactly what they will benefit from at the Coach More Clients Live conference, Bailey has started Fantastic Fridays; a series of free webinars that give you a more in depth look at the conference, sponsorship opportunities, and the conference ambassador program. For more information on the conference, and its affiliate program, check out her site: