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Navigating the Coaching Climate: Spotlight on Wendy Y. Bailey

wendy y bailey headshot Wendy Y. Bailey is a woman of many layers. She is not just a Business Coach; she actually coaches professional business coaches on how to take their programs and products to the next level. She is also a passionate mentor, friend, and lover of the Chicago Stepper Dance Craze. Affectionately known to her clients and friends as WendyY, she exudes an air of friendliness that is backed with a strong work ethic.

Her Group Coaching Institute shows aspiring coaches how group coaching can make a difference in their business. Because of her passion for what she does, and her strong belief in the success of her program, she always rewards her clients and visitors with gifts and free info just for visiting her site. She wants to ensure that everyone, regardless of their level of commitment has access to materials and resources that can help take them to the next level of achievement.

She stresses 3 main areas of Group Coaching:

1-Courageous Conversation 2- Masterful Content 3-Marketing Momentum

WendyY speaking

This November she is hosting a powerful Group Coaching conference in Atlanta Georgia. The Coach More Clients Live conference is specifically designed for coaches, trainers, and business consultants who are dedicated to expanding their business, and offering more empowered services and products for their clients. For this 3 day conference, Bailey has enlisted the help of experienced speakers and hosts that will offer masterful advice to attendees. Unlike other programs, the conference promises to be highly interactive, very hands-on, and full of celebratory events! In the spirit of building momentum for the conference, and giving the public a chance to see exactly what they will benefit from at the Coach More Clients Live conference, Bailey has started Fantastic Fridays; a series of free webinars that give you a more in depth look at the conference, sponsorship opportunities, and the conference ambassador program. For more information on the conference, and its affiliate program, check out her site:

WCW: Spotlight on Robin Werling

Selfie #PhotosByRobinWerlingSome girls were just born with glitter in their veins, and Robin Werling is definitely one of those girls. In just a short period of time, the talented photographer has made her mark on the Raleigh NC area, and won over the hearts of art lovers at Manifestationz Art Gallery. In a short interview, Werling gives us a sneak peak into what makes her heart beat a little faster.

BM: How did you get started in the photography business?

RW: I've been taking pictures for 3 years. I started because my internet marketing clients were lacking good photos of themselves and relevant images. They had ugly pics on review sites and Google places search data that were not flattering to their business. Before that I took pics of my 4 kids with all their outside activities racing dirtbikes and showing horses, offshore fishing, etc. so they were my initial inspiration.

BM: What was your childhood dream? Was it Photography?

RW: My childhood dream was to own and show horses, coming from Wyoming and a family of ranchers in the West, I wanted to be a Cowgirl! I feel very blessed that I bred and raised 2 world champion APHA horses that were full brothers. Most people never fulfill a childhood dream and I got to not only fulfill it but my children were there with me as well. I incorporate that into my life today by making sure that I capture my friends and family's special moments because I didn't capture 10 years of my horse events because I was busy riding, not shooting, and I really am sorry to not have that special part of my life not documented.

BM: What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

RW: My favorite activity outside of work is taking my cameras, packing a cooler and heading to the OBX to research my family roots and take pics of all the lighthouses and beautiful beaches on the NC coast. I am collecting data and photos to write an ebook about my family history and roots in the OBX.

BM: What is your favorite thing about your profession?

RW: My favorite thing about my profession is the amazing feeling you get when someone tells you that they would be out of business, or their business would not be as successful without my assistance with their internet marketing and social media. I like to help small businesses that don't have the funds to spend like a larger business, but they still need to be found online in their local markets, and it's the skill I have the most experience in being a small business owner myself.

Werling is currently the featured artist of the month at Manifestationz Art Gallery. Stop by the Cary NC gallery to view her work in person. You can find more of her amazing work on her Google+ page!

virginia sunset by rw