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TNT: Ming Lee of Snob Life Studios

image This week's TNT spotlight is on Ming Lee of Snob Mobb in Atlanta Georgia. This woman is a true inspiration to women in business regardless of your industry. She has created a brand that has taken the country by storm. Starting out as a hair stylist, she has now transformed into a business and branding guru, offering seminars all across the country. Her company Snob Life is now expanding and offering franchise opportunities for Snobs everywhere.

Known to many as "King Ming", her transparency in her life and work has inspired many, and allowed her to achieve great success all before the age of 30. Billingslea Media salutes King Ming for her hard work and inspiration. We look forward to more new and exciting things from this amazing woman.

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TNT: Angela Jia Kim


Its Top Notch Tuesday! This week's TNT spotlight is on Savor The Success founder Angela Jia Kim . Angela is a huge motivating force among women #entrepreneurs. Her networking community Savor The Success teaches women how to stay grounded in their passion and follow through SUCCESSFULLY with their dreams.  


Starting her career as a concert pianist, Kim founded Om Aroma, & later Om Aroma Spas. Because of her success with Om Aroma, Angela co-founded Savor The Success with her husband, and now shares her revitalizing secrets with the world. 


Savor the Success is an interactive community with both web based and in person networking events. Angela lives in the Concrete Jungle of NYC with her husband and daughter.  Follow the blog and join networking groups on