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4 Tips for Women's Business Success
women discussing business

There are over 11M Women Owned businesses in the US. They make up 40% of new business owners and generate over $1.7 Trillion in revenue. So how can we make sure that these businesses are profitable and sustainable?

  • Collaborate

Collaboration (even with those you may feel are competitors) can open the door to more clients, more sales, and an increased presence in the business sector. Seek out entrepreneurs who match your focus and want to grow the same way.

  • Educate Yourself

Although women are building businesses at astronomical rates, we are often overlooked or denied when it comes to funding. Depending on your industry, startup funds and money for payroll may be an essential necessity for your business success. Find out what investors and banks look for when allocating funding, and find out what skills you may need to brush up on to increase your chances of success. Organizations like your local SBA will often offer FREE education on a variety of business topics.

  • Re-evaluate your business structure

Do you REALLY need that many staff members? Does that new software system serve your best interests? Comb through all of the elements of your business to see what elements are truly necessary and what elements are optional. You may find areas where you can cut back on expenses, or even raise your prices on certain products and services.

  • Don't give up!

No one ever said business would be easy. Be resilient in your quest to become a success. The pros will outweigh the cons once you've achieved your goals.

On October 24th The Women's Business Center of Charlotte is hosting its 2nd Annual Heart of a Women Conference. This conference will cover all of the areas of your business AND your personal life that will help you propel towards success. The breakout sessions are full of amazing educational gems and success stories from women just like you.

Session topics include:

  • Doing Business With The Government

  • Conquering Marketing & Branding

  • Nonprofit Management

  • Healthy Living Tips

  • Staffing Tips

  • Strategic Planning

This year's keynote speaker is Ms. Jacqie McWilliams, Commissioner of the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA), Ms. McWilliams will share her success secrets that landed her a position as the first female African-American Commissioner of the CIAA.


Early Bird Registration ends soon, so purchase your tickets today!


TBT: Vintage Typewriter


I love this photo of this Vintage Royal typewriter. It appealed to me because it is 'B.T.' or 'before technology', and represents a time when things were much more simple. For book worms and writers like me, a typewriter represents a sense of nostalgia that delights the soul. It takes me back to when I was a little girl and my grandmother would set me up at her typewriter. I was so little that I couldn't even reach the desk. She would pile up a stack of phone books in a wooden chair, line up the ribbon just right,  and let me pound out on the keys for as long as my heart desired. I saved my money and purchased my own pack of paper, and I set out to put my creative stories in a professional format that I would later sell to friends and family for a quarter a piece.  Who knew that an old dusty typewriter would lead to my first entrepreneurial endeavor? Thinking back on that experience makes me feel humbled, fortunate,  and empowered to create more memories....things that are worthy of putting down on paper that would bring a smile to someone's face, and make another little girl want to sit on top of a stack of phone books and write her life's story.

Top Notch Tuesday: Style Maven June Ambrose

There are certain people who were simply born to do what they do for a living. People who live and breathe their careers, and set the standard for the next up and coming power players. June Ambrose is one of those people with style and grace pumping through her veins, and she is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.

Nicknamed "The Architect of Style", Ambrose has transformed how we approach owning our style. She insists that "Fashion is about self expression and a statement about our times...". Emerging on the scene almost "by accident" Ambrose insisted on creating her own unique styles for her clients. She transformed the way people grouped certain celebrities by allowing them to step outside the box and indulge in fashion fantasies that made them feel comfortable. Her client list includes a wide variety of celebs from rockers to politicians to television personalities. Having worked in the music industry, finance, and finance, she is well versed in all of the gritty details that make a business successful. Her latest endeavors include partnerships with HSN and guest appearances on shows such as Project Runway.

Her website "The Juniverse" allows her fans and followers to take a peek into her daily life. She shows her domestic side with recipes and blog posts about her family life, and shows people how to pull together a lifestyle that is suitable for the busy lives most of us now lead. Never afraid to think outside the box, you never EVER know what will emerge next from the brain of June Ambrose.