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TBT: Vintage Typewriter


I love this photo of this Vintage Royal typewriter. It appealed to me because it is 'B.T.' or 'before technology', and represents a time when things were much more simple. For book worms and writers like me, a typewriter represents a sense of nostalgia that delights the soul. It takes me back to when I was a little girl and my grandmother would set me up at her typewriter. I was so little that I couldn't even reach the desk. She would pile up a stack of phone books in a wooden chair, line up the ribbon just right,  and let me pound out on the keys for as long as my heart desired. I saved my money and purchased my own pack of paper, and I set out to put my creative stories in a professional format that I would later sell to friends and family for a quarter a piece.  Who knew that an old dusty typewriter would lead to my first entrepreneurial endeavor? Thinking back on that experience makes me feel humbled, fortunate,  and empowered to create more memories....things that are worthy of putting down on paper that would bring a smile to someone's face, and make another little girl want to sit on top of a stack of phone books and write her life's story.

Leveraging LinkedIn


No matter your industry or interests, a LinkedIn profile is essential to your networking campaign. Although many who don't necessarily embrace the corporate culture do not see the importance of a LinkedIn profile, membership on the site has been known to produce great results for job seekers and people looking to connect and find great info to further their careers. In the first of many posts, I discuss the importance of knowing your audience and creating writing and marketing materials that are relevant to them. Check out my LinkedIn publishing platform for the full article:


We’ve all heard the saying “Kids say the darnest things”. Children have absolutely no filter, and will say anything in front of anyone at any time! As we grow older, we realize that having a filter and be choosey with your words is of the utmost importance when building relationships. The same goes for choosing the proper topic of conversation for your audience. Everyone has a differen......[Click here for full post]