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TNT: Queen Latifah
Entertainment icon Queen Latifah
Some people are just born with an abundance of talent. While perfecting your craft sometimes takes years to accomplish,  there are some people who constantly add more skills to their portfolio. Queen Latifah is one of those who has constantly amazed us with her arsenal of many talents.  Emerging on the scene in 1989 as a rapper, the Queen quickly showed her many layers. Over the years she has showed her talents as a singer, songwriter, actress,  model, and designer. She was even nominated for an Oscar for her performance in the broadway classic 'Chicago'. She is now spreading her wings even farther as she debuts her new talk show.  With a short stint on the talk show arena in the past, Latifah promises that this time around her show will be more of an expression of what SHE wants to do. With the backing of celebrity producers Will and Jada Smith, and a set designed by music icon Lenny Kravitz, the show provides a variety of topics including music, skits, sketches, and much more. Latifah insists that this time around her show has more staying power because of her personal touch on topics and the format of the program. At 43 years old, Latifah has shown us that she has many more years of surprises in store for us.
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