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Facebook and Instagram Crash For The Day



It was the deafening silence heard all around the world that made Millennials gasp for air….The silence of not one, but TWO major social media outlets going down at the same time. Wednesday proved to be a difficult day for social media driven people around the world. But it wasn’t just Millennials that were going berserk about the outage. Businesses who rely heavily on social media were also panicking just a bit. Many business rely on these free platforms to provide updates and information about their products and services. Without access to social media, a business can easily be crippled by the loss of potential sales.

The outage is a huge reminder of why we as business owners can never rely solely on one platform to share our message. While many of us rely heavily on social media; we fail to remember that we don’t OWN those platforms. We simply “rent” space from the internet giants. The ability to customize our pages and post personalized content gives us the false perception of ownership. But as we all saw on Wednesday, the ability to use social media for promoting our brands is not always up to us. As a business owner it’s important to have additional measures in place for reaching our target market. Having a dedicated email list, a blog, or even strong offline connections allows us to have that additional layer of security that’s needed in order to remain in contact with our customers.

While social media may be a great free tool for accessing potential and existing clients, it’s up to us to take that extra step in making sure that we are able to communicate with our audience at all times.

Were you affected negatively by the social media outage? What measures do you have in place in the event that your social media pages go down?