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Social Media + the Teyana Effect

It's no secret that social media can be a powerful tool in terms of creating exposure. These days just as many people get their news from sources like Twitter and Facebook as others do from mainstream news shows. The hype around events now has a much longer shelf life due to social media usage.

This past Sunday MTV aired their annual VMAs,  where they honor the most popular artists on the scene. The show was nothing short of epic,  having this year's Vanguard Award winner Rihanna performing several times throughout the show before she even received her award. Not to be outdone was the Queen Bey herself,  Beyonce, who performed a montage of songs from her amazingly popular 'Lemonade' album. But the talk all over the net was about Teyana Taylor, the singer, actress, and dancer who appeared in Kanye West's Fade video music video.  Taylor, who recently gave birth to a little girl, showed off her post baby bod in a solo performance that was reminiscent of a combination of Flashdance and Janet Jackson's Pleasure Principle. However,  her unique dance moves were no match for the millions of comments on her extremely toned body. It is safe to say that I've seen at least 8 different Teyana Taylor memes today alone.

Five or six years ago, once an award show was done, it was done. People forgot about the details and started looking forward to the next big thing. But now, because of social media, performances not only go viral, but they also spark tons of other content like articles, memes, and hashtags. Since Sunday, Teyana  Taylor has been a trending topic, and women everywhere are vowing to get in gym and get a "Teyana Taylor body". For fitness instructors and healthy living experts, this is a golden opportunity.  It's the perfect time to pitch their products and services in an effort to help people achieve the body types they want. With the amount of traffic out there this week, it is easy to find people looking for a trainer or healthy living expert. Researching these hashtags and memes is one of the cheapest marketing campaigns one can engage in at this time.

Although already well known in the music industry,  there are apparently thousands  of people who have never heard of Teyana Taylor. But after Sunday night's performance you'll  be hard pressed to find anyone (at least in the continental US) that doesn't know her name. People immediately took to Google to dig up information and find out where she had been hiding all of these years. What they found was that Ms. Taylor actually has quite the bio. Now that she has gone "mainstream" and shown the world that fire that she's had all along, I'm pretty certain that her inbox is  probably full right about now. And with the excess of memes and parody videos circulating, I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Ms. Taylor at all.