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Become Your Own Client

How ready are you to REALLY build your business? There is a huge difference between getting ready and STAYING READY. To be successful as an entrepreneur and enjoy a sustainable future, you have to stay ready. Even if your products and services stay the same, you have to treat your business like a garden that is constantly growing.

There is something majestic about meeting someone who truly gets the whens and whys of your business. Unless you've been in business for yourself before, it's hard to explain to someone the nonsense inside of an entrepreneur's head. I could go home tomorrow with a million dollar gross revenue, and my grandfather would still ask me "When are you getting a REAL job?". Some people just do not see how important it is for an entrepreneur to be constantly creating and pouring back into themselves.  Oftentimes they are like that because they don't see the actual hustle. And sometimes they are like that because we as entrepreneurs are actually not serious. We talk about being an entrepreneur; we sign up for the conferences, and once in a while we might do the proper paperwork. But we don't do the things we need to do in order to get really serious about business. Your mindset, and how you approach your business will ultimately determine your success as an entrepreneur.

Of course, there is also the frustration that we experience along the journey that sometimes puts us in a position to not be serious about our business. With the increase in the amount of distance education programs and new social media platforms on the market, it's difficult to keep up sometimes. It's easy to get wrapped up in servicing clients and creating new products, while forgetting to service yourself. One of my favorite phrases is "the publicist also needs PR". Without that extra TLC, you are bound to fall flat at some point. You have to develop a system that pours just as much into your business as you pour into your clients. Even if you aren't making a huge profit from your business, you still need to treat it like a garden, and be sure that you are working with good soil. You can't build a profitable platform on shaky ground. Motivational Speaker and Business Consultant Lucinda Cross sums this up in just one crucial action "Become your own client". Cross shares her journey into the business and consulting world, and says that as soon as she started to think of herself as a client, her business began to grow. That crucial mindset shift and extra attention to detail positioned her to begin engaging like a serious business instead of just a person with a hobby. She urges others to do the same if they are looking for success and sustainability.

As entrepreneurs, we sometimes get so wrapped up in the idea of being in business that we forget to maintain that same level of care that we had as hungry entrepreneurs when we were just starting out. We get so distracted by the products, classes, and new social media platforms that we end up forgetting to implement the new things that we learn along the way and tweak our existing formulas to meet our needs. You should be constantly evaluating and changing your method of approach in order to facilitate growth. The overall tone of your brand does not necessarily have to change; it just needs to be able to hold a candle to new and upcoming brands.

It's also important for employees of your company to live the brand at all times. Explain to them the importance of your brand's culture and how they can be an essential part of company growth and sustainability. The culture of a company is only established when everyone is on board. A Vegan company would not have their employees openly eating burgers in the company break room. They are selling a way of life that doesn't include eating pounds of red meat. Exposing their customers to burger-eating employees may discourage them from patronizing such an establishment.

Bottom line, put yourself in the shoes of your client. What would you want to see and buy if you were purchasing from your company? If it goes against your purchasing decisions, then chances are it shouldn't be a part of your brand. Start thinking like a customer. And start thinking of yourself as an entity that is poised and ready to deliver everything your company stands for.

Are you treating your own business like a brand? What are some of the things you've done differently to keep your brand on target?