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3 Lessons From Failed Experiences


We often become so engrossed in our established routines that we don't accept the fact that things may one day change. Change is inevitable as we learn and grow. We have to be able to embrace a chameleon-like nature, and be able to adapt to any circumstance that comes our way. This includes situations in which we experience failure. Here are a couple of things we can learn from failure.

1- Failure shows us how tough we are. There is an old saying that goes "You never know how tough you are until you are forced to be tough". If you are never stretched to the limit, you never have an opportunity to test your own strength. We may all have an idea of how we think we may react to certain situations, but its not until our back is against the wall that we have a clear idea of exactly what to do. It's sort of like an old fashioned flow chart with "if-then" scenarios. Different measures of failure require different reactions and different levels of care and concern. Approach each situation individually,  and decide what works best in each situation.

2- Failure shows you the strength of your inner circle.  Its easy to be in someone's corner when things are peachy keen. But true support comes when you are faced with difficult situations. You may find that your friends or colleagues that you expected to carry you through tough times aren't so reliable after all. You may also be pleasantly surprised to discover others that you never expected to step up to the plate with support and advice. Stumbling blocks may even show you what you are lacking when it comes to supporting others.

3- Failure can bring about new goals

I have always loved fresh flowers. I grew up in a house full of healthy plants and fresh flowers, but I have never been good at keeping my own flowers and plants. Just because we are drawn to something does not always mean that we are meant to take on the task of doing it ourselves. I aced my LSAT in my Junior year of college, but that doesnt mean that I would have been a great attorney. Your passion for your trade or hobbies will often carry you farther than your capabilities.  At times, failure is often a sign that better things are in store for you. A journey into a negative situation can be full of useful lessons that you can use in a completely different scenario. It can also uncover hidden talents that we didn't know we had. With those small lessons, new goals emerge and create a new sense of confidence and security.

On the surface,  failure always seems bad. But just like an unattended plant will eventually die, some situations are simply inevitable. Don't be afraid of experiencing failure. It is all a part of a journey that may end up being more fruitful than we first imagined.

Have you ever experienced a situation where failure turned out to be greater than your original circumstance? What lessons did you learn along the way?