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TBT For Your Small Business


The social media spectrum is full of trendy activities and innuendos. The funky little acronyms are sometimes hard to keep up with,  but any smartphone addict worth their salt is well versed in the world of hashtags and theme tweets.

Thursdays on social media have now affectionately become known as "Throwback Thursday" or #tbt. I've always looked forward to scrolling through my timeline looking at photos of my friends and relatives when they were kids, and walking back down memory lane with some of the things we used to do. But what about walking down memory lane when it comes to your business or your career?  Do you ever take a look at what you did "back in the day" and analyze how you ran your business or what you did on interviews? While some of you may think that that's a little counterproductive,  I tend to believe that it can actually propel you into greater success.

Your past is a great part of you. It is the foundation for which every other decision will emerge. Whether you are taking the bad parts of your past experiences and vowing to make sure that you never repeat the past, or looking at the great things that happened and making it a point to get back to that happy place, a good #tbt can truly help you maintain focus with your business. As we learn and grow we are able to look back and see what things worked and what didn't.  Perhaps that pinstriped suit with the glitter on the lapel wasn't such a great idea afterall.  But in the early 90's you thought sure that it was going to land you that corner office because they would "appreciate your style". Well hindsight is 20/20, and today you suddenly realize that every decision you made was not necessarily the best one. But don't look back and feel ashamed; Look back and rejoice in how far you've come. 

No matter how much you attempt to make structured power moves in your career, we are all bound to make a few mistakes here and there. But don't chastise yourself...Celebrate it! And take the time to share your experiences with others who are growing as well. You may even find that your "glitter lapel" suit was not a complete fail, but merely an open door to a better idea that was never fully developed. Take a minute to walk back down memory lane. You never know what the past will reveal to you!

What are some of your most memorable moments from your career?  What have you learned from looking back at your past?