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Surviving the Social Media Network

  social media networkWith the over saturated social media spectrum, it is ten times easier for entrepreneurs to become overextended and overwhelmed very quickly. In the blink of an eye, your Twitter feed will roll out thousands of new stories, and if you are aren’t up to the minute with your Tweets and Content Marketing, you can definitely get lost in the shuffle. It can actually be somewhat overwhelming from time to time. But trying to make your footprint on the social media landscape does not mean that you have to do so at the expense of your reputation. There is no fast track to becoming a Social Media Rock Star. The process takes time, and newbie entrepreneurs and social media addicts need to have tons of patience. Trying to establish yourself and become ranked amongst the top social media giants is a process that must be navigated in the right way in order to maintain a sense of longevity in your niche.

One of the essential elements that people tend to forget is that social media is all about NETWORKING. To the untrained eye, you are simply “posting and playing around”. But when you are sharing top notch content with the right people, you are actually in the process of building a network. People who do not know you in your everyday life rely on your social media pages to get a clear idea of who you are and what you offer to the world. Your posts are a reflection of what goes on in your head and appeals to you and your business. Posting something simply because “everyone else is doing it” does nothing but confuse your followers. They want to see the genuine side of you. When running your business account, they want to know who and what you model your company after. Stay true to your message, and TRUE followers will continue to support you.

Remember, everyone has their own special niche. You may not even realize what your niche is yet, but your “aha moment” will come to you, and your followers will take note. You will never be able to appeal to everyone, and that’s okay. Dedicated and loyal followers translate into business connections, clients, and mentors. Those who aren’t particularly interested in what you have to say are simply considered as ‘Follower #213’. In the grand scheme of things it is better to have one follower who is genuinely interested in forming a relationship, than a ton of ‘Follower #213s’ who simply want a return follow. Take your time and choose wisely. Your attention to detail will eventually pay off.