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Celebrating National Volunteer Week!


Grassroots community support is unfortunately sometimes overlooked in our fast paced society. But this week marks the 2014 National Volunteer Week. The week long celebration was started as a way to recognize and give thanks to countless numbers of volunteers across the country who give their time and effort to nonprofits and community services.

Organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the Salvation Army rely heavily on the work of their volunteer corps in order to raise capital to serve their target population. Many of the smaller nonprofit organizations across the country work with minimal budgets and limited manpower. In cities across the country, grassroots efforts is the only way to serve their community. For over 40 years National Volunteer Week has been a way to honor individuals in the US who are committed to social change. “Across our country, volunteers open doors of opportunity, pave avenues of success, fortify their communities, and lay the foundation for tomorrow’s growth and prosperity,” President Barack Obama wrote. As a former Grassroots organizer, Obama can truly attest to the amount of hard work these volunteers put in to help their communities.

If you are looking for a way to give back, check out some of the resources in your own community. Organizations both large and small are always looking for eager volunteers. Your commitment can be as little as once a month or once a year. No matter how much time you give, your efforts are always appreciated. Go out and hug a volunteer today!

What is your favorite nonprofit organization? What do you do to give back in your community?