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Monday Morning Mojo

Yoga-in-the-Morning Let's face it, social media is addictive. It allows us the ability to work more efficiently,  AND be entertained at the same time. No matter what type of technical "fuel" you require that day, you can almost be certain that "there's an app for that". From business oriented apps to games and photo sharing apps, you can feed both the left and the right brain at the click of a button.


But what about your internal fueling needs? Living in a tech world can sometimes mean that your world spins ten times faster than someone else who is less dependent on social media sites and smartphone applications. It is easy to get trapped into the tech bubble and neglect the inner workings of the mind. Taking a time out every so often could be essential to your happiness and overall productivity.


Ironically, there are apps to enhance your inner peace as well. There's live stream yoga, daily word inspirations, and Google+ hangouts where people share ideas and meditate. The convenience factor can't be beat, but it's important to remember that human beings require a certain amount of physical contact in order to remain emotionally balanced. Face to face interaction and physical activity are essential parts of your spiritual and emotional health. And the best thing about this type of activity is that it's completely FREE! It doesn't cost you a thing to take a stroll through the park with a friend. It won't cost you a dime to smile at a stranger and strike up a conversation.  What you gain is a sense of rejuvenation; Which leads to an increase in productivity.


Most of us complain that we don't have the time to socialize on a weekly basis. But allowing yourself 20-30 mins of going off the beaten technological path can work wonders for the betterment of your soul. 5 minutes outside with your pet can give you a boost that will give you one hour of energized productivity. It's definitely worth the investment to unplug for the betterment of your soul.