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Top Notch Tuesday: Style Maven June Ambrose

There are certain people who were simply born to do what they do for a living. People who live and breathe their careers, and set the standard for the next up and coming power players. June Ambrose is one of those people with style and grace pumping through her veins, and she is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.

Nicknamed "The Architect of Style", Ambrose has transformed how we approach owning our style. She insists that "Fashion is about self expression and a statement about our times...". Emerging on the scene almost "by accident" Ambrose insisted on creating her own unique styles for her clients. She transformed the way people grouped certain celebrities by allowing them to step outside the box and indulge in fashion fantasies that made them feel comfortable. Her client list includes a wide variety of celebs from rockers to politicians to television personalities. Having worked in the music industry, finance, and finance, she is well versed in all of the gritty details that make a business successful. Her latest endeavors include partnerships with HSN and guest appearances on shows such as Project Runway.

Her website "The Juniverse" allows her fans and followers to take a peek into her daily life. She shows her domestic side with recipes and blog posts about her family life, and shows people how to pull together a lifestyle that is suitable for the busy lives most of us now lead. Never afraid to think outside the box, you never EVER know what will emerge next from the brain of June Ambrose.