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Creature of Habit

I have always lived within the constructs of my own little box. Changes in my daily routine scare the bejesus out of me. I am shampoo,  rinse, repeat girl all the way!
But now that I have ventured out into the world of entrepreneurship I realize that I have to let go just a little bit and not be afraid of change. Not every day of my life will be Groundhog's Day. In the daily life of an entrepreneur you have to be ready for anything the day may bring.  Sometimes letting go may mean the difference between your existing portfolio and an expanding portfolio with tons of new clients. You have to be ready to embrace that change and step outside of the box.
It took a while for me to fully embrace this concept, but before I knew it I was already knee deep in the joys of a brand new day. Ideas come at all different times of the day, and these days I just roll with it. Who knew I could let go of being a control freak...