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Gumption: Celebrating Women's History Month

woman working on laptop

Every single day before I type a single word on my laptop, I'm reminded that someone is probably about to criticize me. With women opening businesses left and right every day, there is never any single "perfect" business for every single customer. You'll be too big, too small, too nice, too mean, not nice enough on Tuesdays...You can never please everyone all of the time.

What's worse is the extra set of judging eyes that you tend to get as a woman in business. The moment you open your doors to customers, you are not only opening yourself to professional criticism, but personal criticism as well. You're too light, you're too dark...your too skinny, you're not skinny enough...You're too loud, or maybe you are not loud at all. Somehow, these physical attributes become indicators of your measure of potential success (Legally Blonde anyone?). We walk through boardrooms trying to overcome the horrible experiences of women who literally had to kick the glass ceiling to get it to open up. Their rage, attitude, their gumption is seen all over our faces whether we like it or not.

But who says those nameless faces have to be associated with negativity? What if we wore that with a badge of honor? What if we promised ourselves that we wouldn't care if someone thought our voice was too squeaky or our hips were too big? What if, for once, we just took the plunge and didn't care how much of a splash we made? Being in business for yourself or starting a new career is not for the faint of heart. I've seen even the most successful business owners fail a time or two. It's about sticking to your guns and not being afraid to fail. In fact, failing is actually a badge of honor. Without failure, your story is pretty bland. Failure gives you something to say. It gives you lessons to teach others.

Gumption. Get you some.