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How to Rock Your Monday

  EVERYONE hates Mondays right? That's the running joke on some of the most popular social media Memes and Facebook posts. But Monday doesn't have to be all gloom and doom if you plan things out the right way. When all your ducks are in a row, you can actually learn to love Mondays and all of the brand new possibilities that exist within the week ahead. Here are a few quick tips to conquer Monday like the Boss that you are!

• Change Your Outlook

Things are usually worse in our heads than they are in real life. If you slide into the week with negative thoughts about everything that will go wrong, your week will in fact be as miserable as you make it. Instead of imagining everything that could go wrong, imagine everything going right. Visualize new possibilities, and even a chance to clean up the mistakes of the week before. With this type of mindset, even the most daunting tasks will seem like a walk in the park because you'll realize how much you are clearing out of your path in order to welcome new and exciting possibilities.


• Don't Be Afraid of Stressful Situations

Putting off a stressful situation only makes things worse. The fear of the unknown or the repercussions of not handling things can only compound your problem. Handling your most daunting tasks first allows you the chance to create space for more positive things. The sooner you get rid of that problem employee, the sooner you can hire someone new. The quicker you finish that unpleasant phone call, the quicker you can enjoy the rest of your week. Instead of looking at your stressful situation as a huge dark cloud over your week, break it down into smaller problems that can quickly be resolved. If need be, ask for help in tackling smaller tasks within that problem area. You may even find that someone with a different perspective will offer solutions to get it over with quicker than you would.



Say Goodbye to time wasting tasks such as long meetings and micromanagement. Dividing up projects into small tasks can allow you to tackle them in a shorter amount of time than usual. Enlist the help of employees, friends, and family to help take care of problem areas within a specific project. Be clear about the expectations and the actions needed to complete the job. This eliminates the need for "meetings about a meeting" or several individual conversations about a given task. Have everyone make a list of their assigned tasks and create a list of questions to go along with it. This diminishes the likelihood of needing to meet with people several times before a task is done.


Before your next group meeting, have everyone submit their questions and feedback in a shared document beforehand. This allows everyone involved to get a head start on developing their responses, or even create an action plan for the group as a whole. You will find that it cuts down on valuable meeting time and gives you more room to take care of other things.


•Say NO!

If its not on your To-Do list, DON'T DO IT. Before you dive all the way into your week, create a list of goals and important tasks that MUST be done. Create a hierarchy of what's most important, and continue to work until everything is done. Establish clear boundaries for yourself and everyone around you, and stick to your guns. Don't allow anyone to sway you to move items off of your list, or move to a different task before you finish the first one. Don't allow anything new to rear its ugly head and distract you from finishing your list.