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The Ultimate List of Periscope Rockstars

periscope rockstars
Periscope is the newest social media platform to drive the masses wild. Although still in it's beginning stages, the Platform boasts over 10 Million Users, and continues to grow daily. With the increase in popularity of video content, Periscope is allowing users to increase their scope of influence and reach audiences all over the world. Here are a couple of the Rockstars that are providing superior content on the new platform.
Chalene Johnson
Who she is: Not only is she super cute and always stylish, but Chalene Johnson is a Motivational speaker, New York Times Best Selling author, fitness celebrity, and the 1st female to host TWO #1 infomercials. She has built and sold several multi million-dollar fitness and lifestyle companies, and is the epitome of the mantra "I'm every woman". Although she has enjoyed monumental success and sports THE perfect body, she still has that girl next door appeal that makes you want to invite her over for a cup of tea.
Her tagline is "Happy Life, Smarter Business".
Why she's awesome: She is committed to helping people live a full life on their own terms. She is super helpful on every single one of her scopes. She gives fun and engaging content, and challenges her viewers to PUSH harder. She gives tutorials, fun inspiring conversation, and even gets her family involved. An added bonus to her scopes: She often features "guest appearances" from her daughter Sierra, and her husband Brett, who is now known as the 'Hangry Chef'.
Nicole Walters
Who she is: A monetization strategist with an extremely infectious laugh, and a loyal following. She offers tips of creating revenue generation in EVERY area of your life. She first stepped into the viral social media stream as a natural hair and beauty blogger, and has since kicked in the door to coaching and consulting.
Why she's awesome: Nicole Walters is extremely extroverted, and watching her for the first time you would think that she was munching on chocolate covered coffee beans! However, her energy is natural and genuine. She takes her followers step by step teaching them how to find ways to increase their net worth by taking advantage of things we often overlook. She challenges her followers to step out of their comfort zone and think "RICH". Her coveted "rich friends list" is full of people who've taken her advice and increased their revenue. She is bold, fearless, and she is changing the face of social media. Her most memorable moment to date: Quitting her day job LIVE on Periscope
Who she is: Regina, aka The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is the girl you wished you had met BEFORE you started your business. She is a huge wealth of information, and her approach to business will leave you hungering for more. She makes the grueling confusion of building your business a much more pleasant ride.
Why she is awesome: She not only shares tips and tricks to getting things done, but she shares her info step by step with worksheets, checklists, and podcasts. Her info products range from introducing new platforms, implementing new elements to your sites, to learning how to create products to create a much larger stream of income. Her tribe is comprised of creative entrepreneurs who are not afraid to take chances in product development. With Regina, your tech projects suddenly no longer look like that big scary monster that hides under the bed. She single-handedly transforms those projects into fluffy little clouds of joy that you can boast about on your web pages. But the very best thing about Regina is that she is a self proclaimed NINJA. In fact, she is so much of a ninja that real ninjas probably don't even see her...BAM!
Mattie James
Who she is: The magic that is Mattie James is easily akin to finding a $20 bill in an old coat pocket. She is that extra surprise that you didn't even know you needed. Disguised as a style guru, Mattie offers amazing tips on living the life you love, and developing a brand that reflects that wonderful life. I initially discovered Mattie on Instagram where I coveted her awesome style posts and overall layout of all things pretty.
Why she is awesome: However, Mattie is NOT just another pretty face. She is a business powerhouse that has developed her personal brand and now gives golden advice to women who want to take that extra step and really make money by implementing their passion. She combines her experience in the corporate world with her style tips and family life to deliver a product that cannot be duplicated. Her Periscope broadcasts are transparent, informative, and fun. She often gives a peak into her personal life and shares information on her life handling her beautiful daughter "Babyologie" and her husband Chris. Mattie recently spoke at the national Blogalicious conference in Baltimore, MD and shared some amazing tips on the power of consistency in your business practices. Cool Mattie fact: She was just recently named one of BuzzFeed's '25 Fabulous and Fly Moms You Need to Follow on Instagram'.


Maya Elious
Who she is: Not to be outdone by uber fabulous older sister Mattie James, Maya Elious emerged on Periscope and broadcasted her way into the hearts of over 3,000 followers in what seemed like a New York minute. The thing that I ADORE about Maya is that she is relatable. She shares the details of her journey as an entrepreneur as she transitions from Graphic Designer to full time business coach.
Why she is awesome: Every single Periscope session with Maya is inspirational and informative. The amount of resources and instruction that she gives to her Periscope followers is a true testament to the value of her paid products. She has been known to give branding strategy sessions and strategic rebranding advice to her followers on the spot. She also gives live tutorials on products and services that she uses in her business. At only 25 years old, she is giving new life to the way people structure their businesses, and breaking down the ways that they can increase their confidence in building their products and services without making it look scary and hard to swallow. The super stylish branding guru also recently presented at the Blogalicious conference in Baltimore and shared a bit of her journey on Periscope. Aside from all of the amazingly wonderful advice she gives to her followers, she also has a super cute alter ego that only her TRUE Periscope stans will recognize!
Black Biz Scope
Who they are: Black Biz Scope is an initiative created by Pamela Booker (Koils By Nature), Adeea Rogers (Trendy Socialite) and Christine St.Vil (Moms N Charge™) to support and build a community for black owned businesses. Booker, Rogers, and St. Vil saw the potential of this great platform, and what it could do for black businesses, if they were able to come together and to support one another.
Why they are awesome: The goal is to get more dollars to stay within the black community. So with that in mind, Booker, Rogers, and St. Vil give black businesses the opportunity to share their business via live broadcasts on Periscope, with a combination of everyone's followers and communities. Every Friday, from 10-11 AM EST and 6-8 PM EST black businesses are featured on Periscope. The network of businesses provide a free platform for people to connect, share their products and services, and even collaborate with others. It has become sort of a directory of businesses that pledge to support and encourage one another, and most importantly stress the importance of economic empowerment within the black community.
Fun Fact: The Black Biz Scope was actually created organically during a conversation on a Periscope broadcast. The movement officially launched the very next day, and now has people waiting in the wings to get a slot on the Black Biz Scope schedule. They've since been featured on Huffington Post, The Atlanta Star Journal, and Madame Noire.
Have you joined Periscope yet? What's your favorite feature on the platform?
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