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Periscope and Facebook Live change the scope of social media

Periscope As if technology couldn't advance anymore, the world is now introduced to live streaming over social media. Periscope, which was purchased by Twitter in March has taken the world by storm and is using up data minutes all over the globe. Periscope takes social media video sharing to a new level by allowing viewers to interact with with the person who is broadcasting in real time. Viewers can log on and type in their questions and comments as the person is broadcasting. It's awesome for getting a better idea of exactly what your customer base is looking for. It's also a great way for people to gain more insight into events and promotions from brands and media personalities. The "new" app boasts about 7.2 Million Users, and the amount of content shared every day is equivalent to about 10 years worth of video content! With a global reach, it is safe to say that even in its early adoption phase, Periscope has officially changed the way we do social media.

Not to be outdone, Facebook just announced that it is now rolling out its own live streaming service called "Live". At the moment it is offered only to VIP users, such as celebrities and public figures. It is also limited to streaming only on Facebook, as opposed to Periscope which can be shared on Twitter, as well as saved on your personal device for uploading to multiple platforms. What also sets Periscope apart from Facebook is that Periscope users can search for broadcasters who publicize their streams on Twitter. Broadcasters can send out a Tweet that will say "LIVE on Periscope", that allows them to be found by specific keyword topics. Viewers can also share what they are viewing on Periscope with their Twitter followers.

The use of live streaming video is considered to be a new age way of branding for companies and media personalities. People want an inside look into what their favorite brands are doing, and Periscope's interactive platform allows for the public to engage in what some have even dubbed as "brand voyeurism". The updated version of Periscope even has an interactive map view so users can search for people's live scopes in their area. Users can see and select from live feeds as pins on a map. Once the app is opened, the map gives a worldview, and users will see a variety of streams taking place in each country. Users can then zoom in to select specific feeds. It's cool for exploring new cities, checking out events, and connecting with different cultures. Some of the most popular scoping sites are Paris and Hong Kong.

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With any new app, of course there is a learning curve and a few kinks to work out. Here are a couple of tips to get you started on the platform:

1- Get a tripod or other supporting device. Depending on how long you plan to talk, holding a cell phone in front of you for an extended period of time can tire you out. Before you know it, your hands will be shaking and your viewers will be watching a bumpy scope.

2- Make sure your phone is fully charged. Running out of battery life and shutting in the middle of a scope is a broadcaster's nightmare.

3- Title your Scopes appropriately. This allows you to attract better viewers and build a following. It also saves people time when they are searching for new scopes to watch.

4-Turn on your share settings (and encourage followers to share). Geotagging on the app allows more people (other than just your followers) to find you. Private scope broadcasts are limited to only those who are already following you.

5-If possible, schedule and announce your scopes. Use your social media platforms (using your Periscope channel) to announce upcoming Scopes and topics. This will allow your existing followers to find you better, and even schedule time to listen to you.

6-Engage with your audience. People are on platforms like Periscope in order to increase their connection with you. Try as much as you can to read the comments and answer questions as you scope.

Drawbacks 1-The playback is limited. Broadcasted scopes are only avail for 24 hrs. If you miss your favorite broadcaster or if people miss your scope, there are only 24  hours to make that connection again before it's gone. (There is a feature that allows you to save scopes to your mobile phone so you can upload them to your website or social media pages later)

2-Random spam. As with any public platform, there is bound to be a sea of spammers. The drawback to Periscope is that spammers will often jump in and annoy you during your scope. But don't be discouraged. There is a built in blocking feature that allows you to get rid of spamming distractions and focus on the genuine viewers.

3- The app tends to freeze a lot; especially during peak times. I am by no means a technology buff, but the word on the social media streets is that a larger  network server by Periscope is the key to solving this problem.

4-It does not support a landscape view. Videos must be broadcasted vertically in order for optimum view and the ability to read comments.

5-Legal and Privacy issues. Here comes the tricky part....Many people are skeptical about using the platform due to privacy concerns. The geotagging feature allows people to view your geographical area, which presents security issues for some people. According to online reviews, viewers can pinpoint your location within a couple of blocks.

There are also legal concerns for people who may be broadcasting at certain events where people have paid to attend.

6- Its LIVE! Anything can happen on a live platform. There is no editing or multiple takes. What you see is what you get. Trip and fall while doing a tour, and the entire world sees it. In this instance, the power of bounce back is key. Be prepared for anything, and you will be able to master your scopes in no time.

The folks at Periscope have addressed a few concerns from the public, and agree that the platform needs a couple of tweaks. However, even in the early stages, users have boasted favorable results and an increase in their following. It will be interesting to see what new features are added, and how many new users jump on the site.

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