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Creativity and Inspiration


The Huffington Post never disappoints when it comes to cranking out useful content. So it comes as no surprise that this article that I read the other week has continued to resonate with me long after I closed my internet browser.

The article drew inspiration from a website called The name in itself should tell you that anything you find on their site is bound to be awesome. Happify provided an in depth info graphic that talked about creativity and ways to get your juices flowing. As a person who has always thrived on activities that involve creativity, my heart is still smiling at the thought of the many other creative geniuses out there in the world that I could possibly collaborate with.

I tell people all the time that creativity and inspiration are always just doesn't always speak as loudly as we would like. As children, we are more prone to come up with ideas and projects that are out of the box. As young adults we continue to come up with those ideas, but couple them with the expertise we've learned along the way. In our early 30's and 40's we combine all of that with the things we know haven't worked, haven't been attempted, and perhaps we haven't had the courage to implement. I've always admired adults in the creative services industries because I know how much it takes to come up with invigorating new ideas, and have the courage to actually share them. Our rigid adult minds can sometimes convince us to stifle those ideas, rewrite them, repackage them, and sometimes even put them back on the shelf. The end result is a lack of growth at the rate in which we should be growing.

As I grow further along in my entrepreneurial journey, I realize that every part of the business building process derives from the creative side of our souls. Even mundane tasks are sometimes derived from creativity as we figure out which methods work better for us and for our individual businesses. Branching out and working on teams with others has also helped me to develop a greater appreciation for creativity. Its amazing to see what happens when a room full of people of different ages and backgrounds come together and create one big awesome project. It gives your work layers and allows it to have mass appeal. Borrowing from one other and coming up with a new and improved product leaves you impatiently waiting for the next collaboration.

Take a look at the article from Huffington Post and check out Your inner child will thank me later!