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The Bucket List: Finding Your Inner Bliss

Create Something Beautiful When I started this challenge, my goal was to ignite a passion within my readers to do some inner Spring Cleaning. No matter how successful we are, there are times when we all need to recharge our batteries and reevaluate our paths. This Challenge has helped me to stay on track and fine tune my personal and professional goals. Throughout the month, I shared blog posts and resources geared towards helping readers to find their inner bliss. The 30 Day Challenge included tips like taking the time out to reconnect with loved ones, outsourcing tasks on the job, and ways to remind yourself of your inner strengths. One of my favorite resources shared throughout the month was a TED talk by Brene Brown entitled ‘The Power of Vulnerability’. It spoke to the core of the challenge itself, and encouraged the process of revisiting the emotions that make us all unique. Whether we realize it or not, our vulnerability affects every area of our lives. It affects the way we treat people and the way we respond to others. It is a natural state that we often overlook.

Our Life Always Expresses The Result Of Everyone’s level of interaction varies. Some people have an intense desire for human contact, while others are more content being alone. Our personal preference not only dictates the nature of our personal lives, but our professional lives as well. As I finished up my Spring 2015 Vision Board, I realized that many of the pictures on the board symbolized my passion for helping others. Many of the goals that I set out for myself included bettering myself so that I have a platform to reach others. I also noticed a strong connection with symbols of peace, tranquility, and balance. After finishing the vision board, I felt a strong sense of accomplishment. I was extremely surprised at how much a simple task (completed along with my 12 year old son) could actually allow me to gain clarity and focus. The goals on my list for 2015 suddenly didn’t seem as scary as they did before. I was suddenly comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s been three days since I finished the board, and I have already accomplished one of my goals. I finished my very first eBook, and as an added bonus to all of the challenge participants, I am offering the book for FREE. The book is entitled ‘Now Sell This’. It is a short guide to developing and delivering your personal elevator pitch. It is a preview to a full length book that will be developed throughout the coming year, and as a thank you for being my virtual accountability partners for the month of April, I am sharing it with you. Just sign up to receive the Billingslea Media emails, and your digital copy will be delivered to you via email. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the 30 Days to Personal and Professional Bliss, and I hope that you enjoy the eBook on developing your elevator pitch. I look forward to seeing you all take bigger steps towards finding your inner BLISS.