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FEAR and Positive Energy

#billingsleamediaWhen you surround yourself with positive, progressive people, you are more likely to tap into your greatness. The energy you receive from people who believe in sharing their journey of progression is often overlooked, but if we slow down and listen closely, we can grab tons of great info that can help us grow, and in turn help others grow as well. I'm grateful for friends who keep me posted on their progress, and make it a habit of sharing great info.  

My friend, Adeea Rogers has become a social media phenomenon over the past couple of years. Not only has she created a huge international following in the natural hair community, creating the INHMD (Int'l Natural Hair Meetup Day), but she also hosts private coaching groups and business consultation calls that help people to fine tune their goals and get their entrepreneurial endeavors on track. Although her specialty is creating opportunities in the natural hair community, her coaching and business consultations are applicable to every type of business. She specializing in building successful brands, and has single handedly built her own brand brick by brick in a field that differs immensely from her 9-5 job.


This past Sunday I listened in on our monthly Trendsetter's Inner Circle coaching call. The call began with the discussion of "How to Stay Hungry". Rogers shared the quote “If your dreams aren’t scaring you, then go back to sleep!” Until we begin the process of reaching for new goals, we all too often think that being scared is a bad thing. As we get further along our journey to success, we learn that fear is actually a great thing. Fear simply means that you are MOVING. Fear dictates that you are stepping outside of your comfort zone, and that new possibilities are on the horizon. There is no rule that says that your journey has to be perfect in order for you to succeed. And there is no rule that says that your knees can’t shake just a little along the way. Some people can recount stories of building a business and living in fear for years until things improve. The point is not to give up. You build; you learn; you grow. And in the end, you are able to share the fruits of your labor.


Fear is just the mind realizing that you are uncomfortable. We live in a society where everything is about comfort and security. It is natural not to want to embrace fear, and not to enjoy the journey of the unknown. But without risk, there is no reward. The temporary sacrifice for a period of uncertainty is the price we pay to step into greater success. That shaky feeling along the way is a little more soothing when we have people to share that with. Everyone going along with new goals and dreams, whether it’s a new business, going back to school, a new baby, or a new position in your company, has moments of fear and uncertainty. Surrounding yourself with others who are on the same journey, or have been along that journey makes things a little less daunting. Throughout the process of the 30 Day Challenge I have received messages from people thanking me for reminding them that they are not on this journey alone. This information I’ve shared may not be groundbreaking or life changing, but it is useful information that reminds us to continue pushing for peace and balance. Your life is yours to mold. If you don’t work at it constantly and surround yourself with others who are also working at it constantly, things will certainly unravel. Do yourself a favor and pick up those scraps and mold it back into the life you envision for yourself.