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The Power of Your Thoughts

Our Life Always Expresses The Result Of Sounds cliché, but the way you think about yourself and situations can indeed shape your thoughts. On the hit show ‘Being Mary Jane’, the series’ main character is known for her infamous Post-It notes in which she writes down positive affirmations. She posts the messages on every window and mirror in her house, so that she is surrounded by constant motivation. Although it may seem a little far-fetched, it is a process that works specifically for her. And we all have a duty to figure out what method of positive reinforcement works best for us. Separating the types of thoughts you have is the first step in determining how you can shape your destiny. Thoughts of self-doubt and worry can be processed and understood before being pushed away in order to ensure that those thoughts never take over again. We must be certain to separate learned behaviors and situational thoughts from reality. Masking where your thoughts come from only runs the risk that those thoughts may pop up in the future. Negative thoughts and experiences not only affect our personal lives, but our professional lives as well. A bad experience as a child may lead one to remain extra sensitive about certain things; leaving us unable to determine the intention of one’s behavior towards us. It is easy to misconstrue someone’s intention with us when we are carrying around pain and hurt from the past. A person who was stripped of their power and independence as a child may feel as though they have to be overly powerful and extremely independent at work, and in turn end up offending their employees and coworkers. It can also lead to being overworked and underpaid, which leads to more undue stress. When you mask your true emotions, you may also miss out on certain strengths that you didn’t realize you had. Being rigid with your routine doesn’t allow for growth. There have been tons of people who have realized after many years that they have indeed gone into the wrong career field once they learned to embrace the things that really made their heart tick. All of the moving parts of any organization require people with many different talents and backgrounds. Just because you are in the accounting department doesn’t mean you can’t be interested in the legal workings of the company. And who says that a lawyer can’t be interested in graphic design? It all goes back to embracing what makes your heart beat a little bit faster. Staying rigid in your normal routine doesn’t allow you to give yourself the chance to explore new and exciting options. Take your time and ease into new projects that will allow you to embrace your talents and passions. What thoughts are you struggling with today? Take the time to figure out whether or not those deeply ingrained thoughts have helped or hindered you, and where those thoughts lead you in your everyday life.