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Setting Limits

-LEO TOLSTOY - The first step in creating a blissful life is constructing the boundaries in which you will operate. It’s important to determine what direction you are going in, and why. Part of establishing that direction includes setting limits for your life. Limits are applicable whether or not you are doing too much or not enough. Even people who need a big motivational push still need to have boundaries and limits set in place before they embark upon a new journey.

This morning I shared a blog post that I found on Inc. Magazine entitled '14 Simple Ways to Get Considerably More Done’. The majority of the tips on the list were common sense practices, but many of the tips were things that we often neglect to implement in our daily lives. Out of the 14 Tips on the list, the one that stood out the most to me was the tip to “Set Limits”. We all get tempted from time to time to take on a million things. Some of which are intended to actually improve our lives, but instead leave us feeling tired, overworked, and overwhelmed. Getting a second degree as a working mother is a great goal, but there is no rule that says you have to take a full load of classes. Being the best stay at home wife and mother doesn’t mean that you have to cook every single meal from scratch. And just because you were the record holding Tight End on your college football team doesn’t mean that you are required to coach your son’s Pop Warner football team. You don’t have to take on the world in its entirety. It is okay to take small steps towards achieving those goals you set for yourself, and even take a break when you go off the track.

For the beginning of this 30 Day Challenge, I encourage all of you to set a limit for a specific area of your life. Pick a task (or two) in your personal or professional life that can streamlined and scaled back. Look at the reasons WHY you choose to indulge in said task, and decide just essential it is to your everyday life. Maybe you aren’t able to eliminate the task altogether, but perhaps you can scale it back or hand the task off to someone else. If you aren’t keen on the idea of getting rid of certain aspects of your life, set time limits for them. Perhaps you make an effort to talk to all 1,000 Friends on your Facebook page. We all know that reaching out to every single person on your list can definitely be time consuming. But keeping open lines of communication with people you care about is good for the soul. So maybe instead of saying that you don’t have time to talk to everyone, you can instead set limits on your conversations. Let your friends know that you were thinking about them, but want to make an effort to reach out to everyone. Then set a time limit on those conversations. People will appreciate your efforts, even if you only get to talk to them for 5 minutes at a time. Perhaps you’ve been out of touch with employees at work. The same strategy can easily be implemented in order to make sure that everyone is getting valuable time and giving essential feedback about their job.

So, what area of your life do you need to set limits for? Take a few minutes to make a list of essentials AND non-essentials in your everyday life. You are certain to be able to find things that can be tweaked in order to improve your life and send you into blissful living. It’s the first step in ensuring that your 30 Day Challenge will be a success.

“Necessity, even artificial necessity, is the mother of creativity. I promise you'll figure out how to make it work,” ~Inc. Magazine.