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30 Days to Personal & Professional Bliss

Get Ready To Live A Life Of Bliss! As the weather gets warmer and the flowers bloom, what better way to get geared up for the new season than to do a little Spring Cleaning for your inner self? We can all use a boost every now and then to recharge our batteries and gain perspective on our current path. Whether you are in need of a boost in your personal or professional life, this 30 Day Challenge will help you get back on track.


Why Now?

Not so long ago, many of us were making a pledge for New Year's Resolutions. We vowed to eat better, exercise more, gain spiritual clarity, and take better care of our clients or business partners. Somewhere along the month of February, that momentum started to wear off...we put off the extra crunches for another day....we decided to do those invoices next week...and we stopped for fast food way too many times in one week. Sometimes it's a matter of getting wrapped up in too many extreme goals at once. Other times, we just need an accountability partner. This Challenge will serve as an online accountability partner for all of us with the desire to make subtle life changes that will make life easier.


Who is this for?

Although Billingslea Media is a company that provides marketing and public relations services, we believe in celebrating the ways that we can make this world a better place. By "we", I mean "I"; Evelyne Billingslea, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Billingslea Media.  As a small woman owned business, I know all too well how difficult it can be to maintain the perfect peaceful balance in both your personal and professional lives. As a mother, and active community volunteer, I often find myself feeling burned out and in need of a way to recharge my batteries. As someone who primarily works from home, having an accountability partner is definitely a must have for resetting the framework for blissful living.

So to answer your question, this Challenge is for everyone. When I had the idea to do this Challenge I wanted to be able to reach everyone-not just small business owners, or work at home mothers. This challenge is also created for people like my dear friend "Katelyn" who is busy climbing the corporate ladder and juggling a busy personal life outside of the office. It is for her husband "John" who is looking for ways to support his wife as she takes steps towards accomplishing her dreams. And it is also for people like my friend "Roslyn" who is busy balancing her time as a new mother. This Challenge is for anyone looking for ways to have more peaceful days, grow in their business or industry, and feel refreshed after a great mentally stimulating vacation.


What will we do?

Because I want to be able to appeal to everyone taking part in this Challenge, I want to provide a variety of different material for everyone to enjoy. My business page usually features content geared towards small business owners, but I want to ensure that everyone participating in this Challenge, whether they are a business owner or not is able to walk away with some sort of valuable content. I will be sharing blog posts, book reviews, inspirational quotes, videos, and links to FREE resources that can make your life better. I encourage everyone who participates to share your "homework" with the group. It is my hope that you all will log on and share a short note about your progress that day, and how you feel the Challenge is helping you. I also encourage you to share suggestions and resources that have helped you move towards a more blissful life. At the end of the month, I will be picking one random follower to receive a special gift as a Thanks for being one of my accountability partners.



Your First Task.....

The first task for this Challenge is very simple. Leave a comment underneath this blog post or on the Billingslea Media Facebook page and share what you would like to gain from being a part of this Challenge. It's a great way to interact with some of the other accountability partners, and see what things others are hoping to improve upon. Oftentimes when we look at other people's stories, it allows us to gain clarity on our own situations and see just what it is that takes precedence in our lives. I hope that through open self expression we can all strive towards our goals and live a more blissful life together.

Lastly, share this with a friend. What better gift can you give to someone than FREE support and encouragement?

Looking forward to a blissful month with all of you!