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Inspiring to Lead

#billingsleamedia Owning your own business can often feel lonely, daunting, and questionable. Being the person who is leading the company, you don’t have co-workers to compare notes with. You don’t have similar offices with people in your same position that share a common bond. And oftentimes, as we navigate through the entrepreneurial climate, we can also question a lot of our own strategies and processes. Having an accountability partner or mentor can help alleviate the stress that comes along with being an entrepreneur. Working from home with clients in various cities forces me to be more resourceful in terms of my marketing and outreach efforts. Thankfully I embraced the idea of looking for help outside of my geographical region. The amount of encouragement I’ve received online has been the driving force behind my newly desired re-launch of my business. While some may think that leadership only applies to certain industries, that couldn’t be far from the truth. Leadership, regardless of your business or industry, is essential for any successful entrepreneur. Leadership can be an invigorating way for entrepreneurs to unveil new skills. It may also serve as a way for them to gain insight into what the marketplace is missing. On my one hour coaching call with Entrepreneur Gene Marks, I explained to him my vision for my company. We also talked about the areas in which I needed improvement, as well as the steps I could take to implement new strategies and services. Listening to him describe his past and current business practices gave me inspiration to do more. It reassured me that I was not alone in the pursuit of perfect entrepreneurial success. He gave me a clear vision of what was holding me back from reaching the next level of success.

Inspiring to Lead can also turn into a full time business. Seasoned entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker Marshawn Evans Daniels has turned her passion for helping others into a national program that teaches people how to tap into their passion and embrace their niche. While Evans Daniels was successful as an Attorney, and again as the owner of a Sports & Entertainment agency, her passion for inspiring through leadership was unveiled as she began to share her professional journey. She offers insight on tapping into your inner leader to create a successful business. Small business guru Melinda Emerson, also known as the Small Biz Lady, is no stranger to sharing her professional journey either. The seasoned business consultant and author engages with her followers in hopes of “ending small business failure”. She gives motivating tips on how to sustain your business, and shares lists of resources that will help your business grow. She insists that you periodically assess your business to check for areas of weakness, and activate a plan of attack to resolve those issues.

Savor The Success owner Angela Jia Kim also uses her leadership skills to inspire others to do bigger and better things. Kim, a classical musician and owner of Om Aroma spas created Savor The Success to serve as a network for women entrepreneurs that would serve as a support system and information resource. Her magnetic personality and desire to help others has led to the expansion of the Savor brand with coaching calls, mentoring sessions, conferences, and retail products. Her approach to business is one that is very inclusive of her support staff. Online webinars and coaching calls with Kim feel more like brainstorming over tea with some of your girlfriends. She dishes out ideas and gives you a push to go even further in your business than you ever intended. Never afraid to share information, Kim’s social media following has grown exponentially over the past couple of years due to the simple task of inspiring others. One common thread that all of these successful entrepreneurs have is a fearless attitude. They understand the pitfalls of going into business without a clear cut idea of how things are going to pan out. But they also understand how important it is not to give up on something that nags you like a hangnail. Purpose must be fulfilled instead of dismissed. And sometimes we have to embrace the flexibility of our original plan. Faith leads us to believe in the power of a better dream than we even envisioned. When you inspire to lead it opens up an endless supply of opportunity.

Are you someone who inspires to lead? Is there someone in your life who has inspired you to lead? Share your story with us.